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ConReview: Phoenix Fan Fest 2016

Phoenix Fan Fest is almost as exciting as Phoenix Comic Con itself! Fan Fest is a perfect time to test out costumes, peep visit and get in touch with your inner geekiness. Crowds are there, but it’s not on PCC scale so visiting vendors, checking comics and getting those snaps taken by tried and true AZ photogs is easy and relaxed.

Heard of Men Vs Cosplay or Women Vs Cosplay? The one and only creator of such amazing cosplay works is Anabel, who not only approachable, adorable and absolutely the bee’s knees, but also resides in Arizona and can be seen at local conventions. The sweetest person and such an incredible advocate for cosplayers of all genres, ages, ethnicities and geekiness.


Amenities are easily obtained, parking costs but can be found even on busiest days and food is prevalent throughout Fan Fest, so never fear if you forget snacks or arrive late. Air conditioning is pumping it out in the convention center, so even if you wear that heavy armor or constricting mask or PVC, once inside you’ll be fine! (although getting from parking to the con might be sweaty).

Cosplay is hot and heavy with costumes of such caliber they rival San Diego, C2E2, and New York Comic Con. Never fear there are so many photographers here! One of the best and brightest of them is Sam Mort of Mort Productions. All photographs below are courtesy of his convention floor gallery. He often arranges photo shoots in the Phoenix area and recently launched A La Mort, a Mort Productions magazine for cosplay photo art heavily showcasing Arizona artists.

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Phoenix Fan Fest gets a 4.1 out of 5 thumbs up for its amazing cosplay, available food on site, costume relevant panels and cosplay friendly environment in all respects. Go! Phoenix Comic Con is scheduled for 25-28 May 2017 – GO!!!! It will be hot but if you plan, schedule and prep ahead it will never be an issue and your overall riotous enjoyment of this amazing convention will overshadow that 100+ dry heat! Trust me on that! 


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