ConReview: Planet Comic Con

Planet ComicCon is the hidden gem of the Midwest convention scene and a must go; it’s on the level of Phoenix, C2E2, NYCC and Emerald City. Homegrown love for this con with a solid, incredible cosplay crowd cemented PCC as the best darn con around!

Start saving next payday, engage with your cosplay planner, get reservations soon and gather your cosfam, cause you gotta come here next year! It’s hot, it’s getting hotter and ou need to feel the heat! This con earns a 4.7 out of 5 thumbs up for cosplay, panels, guests, artists and fab food (they even brought in food trucks this year)! CRAZY!!! Crazy good that is!

Seriously, can’t say enough, this con is the shizzle and you need to feel the excitement here – it’s almost as electric as Dragon Con and San Diego Comic Con. See you there, and I”ll be looking!

The Original Sherlock Holmes and his Baker Street Irregulars

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