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ConReview: Sacramento Toy Con 2017

This past weekend Agent P and I, took a trip to the Sacramento Toy Con, holding its inaugural event at the Scottish Rite center. A one-day event held on last Sunday of March, this low-key event presented crowds with the chance to look for some rare collectibles and toys they might not find anywhere else. This event also played host to the talent of Morgan Lofting, she is known as the original Baroness from the animated G.I. Joe series and films from about 1983 through 1991, she also did voices for shows like Transformers (1985) and Starblazers (1979) and had her voice featured in many other T.V. shows and movies. This was a very relaxed event, but even before the doors opened we saw a line forming well before opening time, and there was a constant flow of attendees throughout the day, keeping the main vendor room packed. While full, at no point did the event feel too crowded for the venue, and allowed for walking around and checking out the vendors at any pace you wanted. In the room prior to the Main hall was where featured vendors were placed and the signing area was located here allowing for the room while waiting to get a signature or picture with Morgan. The entrance of this con had a table and backdrop hosted by Cobras 1st legion, who posed for shots throughout the day for attendees including a few pictures with the Baroness herself Morgan Lofting.

Overall, a small con, that was situated in the right place for its size and held a lot of vendors selling a lot of niche collectibles the attendees clearly desired. We hope to see the Sacramento Toy Con come back to our city, and expect to see it grow.


All photos in this gallery by Perry “Agent P” Louie Be sure to keep an eye out on his official Facebook page for more.

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