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ConReview: Sierra Nevada Anime Fans Unite Convention Saturday 2016

Saturdays SnafuCon was full of entertainment and people. I enjoyed many of the shows and guests. I unfortunately only went to a couple panels and so I do not have much information regarding those. The convention seemed pretty busy on Saturday with many things to do and see.

Saturdays main floor as you enter changed slightly from last year, which I think is more streamlined, the Artist Alley was along the main hallway as you enter the con to get your badge. There were pros and cons to this set up, the pros were that the Artists were open to common guests of the hotel that weren’t necessarily purchasing a con badge but were interested in the event and seemed to be an enticement to actually purchase a badge to enter the whole convention. Giving the Artist Alley a freedom to not only have con goers purchase items but the public within the hotel. The cons were the windows gave a rather harsh light to the hallway which made it hard to see articles on the artist stands and sometimes blinded you while you were conversing with sellers. And during busy traffic flow it made the area quite congested to walk through. The ropes that cordoned off the Artist Alley itself did not do enough to keep people walking back and forth to the convention.

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The Main stage was great and allowed for much more seating and appreciation of what was actually going on when you were walking into the convention. I noticed the Main stage right away and was interested in coming back after I got my badge to check it out.

Registration was in a separate room which was large and had enough room for a decent crowd of people to line up for badges. Signage for where to go for each line was a little jumbled; I think bigger signs and more assistance on the actual floor would be helpful in the future. The staff was very friendly and helpful.

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The Guest area was right outside of the Registration office-which was great but not as well-lit as some areas and seemed to put a shadow on the actual guests. It was nice that they were all surrounded in a rectangle shape so you could walk around the entire middle of the center and meet all of the guests and sponsors for the event.

If you moved down the hallway towards the Vendor Hall you first come into the Gaming room, full of Dance Dance Revolution platforms, Video games, and plenty of other interactive Anime style video games. The area was purposefully darker than other areas but was easy to walk through and everyone was very friendly.


At the end of the hall was the table top gaming area. Full of Pokémon, YuGhiOh, and Magic the Gathering. Many other board games and table top games were being played on all the available tables. It was very spacious and brightly lit.

Also at the end of the hall was the entrance to the Vendor Hall room, which was full of great vendors selling plenty of Anime themed items for your purchasing pleasure. I really liked the varied selection this year-which I think is some of the best to date. Prices were good and all the vendors were super nice and professional.

I was able to move around the convention with ease, all security staff were very nice and only asked to see your badge if they couldn’t see it. They were also very helpful with any information you had regarding events or the con itself.

Before you entered the main stage next to the Artist Alley was a Food Court of sorts, which personally in my opinion wasn’t placed in the right area, you purchased your food right next to where con goers spilled out from the hallway and thus became congested at times. The food was good and had many varieties.

The main stage was a great time to relax during downtimes since they had plenty of tables and chairs to sit at. I also found some of the shows pretty fun to watch. The Masquerade was fantastic and done well. It moved quickly. I felt the judges took a little too much time to judge but that was merely a personal preference with wait times. I also really enjoyed the half time show with SKAR Cosplay doing the Love Live Anime dance and also the Congo dance at the end to which the crowd was encouraged to get up and dance!

Next to the Main Stage was the Photography booth which was graciously open to all photographers. SnafuCon did have their own photographers offering images for print to sell. The fact that other photographers were allowed to use the booth as well was a very welcoming addition that felt like there was no competition between the booth itself and other photographers. Great job Snafu!

The ending show was a set by DJ Darealwordsound and Kiba Walker-two of the main guests. First a set by DJ Dareal which was fantastic and really fun, he encouraged everyone to come up to the dance floor and shake it! After his set Kiba and Dareal did some freestyle rap together, this was also really entertaining and fun. The last set was Kiba Walker singing some of his latest songs including an exclusive that got everyone on the floor dancing! They both gave a great vibe that got people dancing and singing and seemed to really excite people for the Rave that was starting right after Kibas last song.

All in all it was a good Saturday convention for me and I enjoyed all it had to offer. Some of the panels were either nothing I was interested in or something I had already seen before. It would be nice to have some more variety when it comes to panels and more signage as to where Panels are held. Alas, with any convention you can’t see it all. But you certainly try. Reno/Sparks is growing and so is SnafuCon and it’s nice to see the areas they change every year to make it better. You can tell the staff for SnafuCon has passion and realistic goals, and as this convention moves forward I enjoy seeing it manifest. I would love to see more varied guests, but I still like the fact that they use local guests as well. It’s good to get our community noticed as well!

And that is my review of SNAFUCon 2016. Aubree Portune-Media Pass holder for G33kHQ.

You can see my full Saturday gallery here, and my full Masquerade gallery here


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