ConReview: Silicon Valley Comic Con 2017

This weekend marked the second annual Silicon Valley Comic Con and the first trip by some of the G33k-HQ team, including myself. Some of the team members have mainly attended anime oriented conventions and this was a new experience. One that we’ll never forget in the best way!


A crush of people waited outside the doors as the wristband checking system   was prepped at the booths for all of the badged attendees. Once you tapped your wristband to one of the stands, there was nothing to stop you from experiencing all that was within. While this was decidedly one of the larger conventions, with attendance numbers being speculated to be greater than even the previous year, it still didn’t feel large. Everything was divvied out over a large area, with the con stretching out to a music and food festival area in the Market Street park half a block away.

With such a large number of guests, panels, displays, exhibits and game areas, there was almost too much convention for one person to experience. The dealers hall was awash with opportunities to pick up your favorite, fun and nerdy goods. Comics, toys, props, even furniture and clothing were all available to browse and purchase. Though it did become difficult sometimes to navigate as there was not a clear delineation between the dealer area and the artist’s alley, as a con veteran it wasn’t too difficult to navigate.

In the time away from the hall, there was a great deal to see, including panels. The Geek Fashion show, exhibiting classic lines in the park and premiering new ones in the special main event. William Shatner, who seemed to have an unfortunate case of the “con-funk,” still presented a special VIP round table with cast members of The Next Generation, who had a grand time talking about everything from the show, to soccer.

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Attending this convention gave fans the chance to meet their idols as there were more special guests than I’ve seen in many of the other cons. Including the delightful yet irreverent Billy Boyd. The ever jovial Grant Gustin. The dynamic duo of Adam West and Burt Ward. National treasures of both real space and fictional space, Buzz Aldrin and William Shatner. And if you were particularly fortunate, you may have even caught the brilliant Adam Savage wandering the halls in one of his many outfits, or even playing host to a gallery of fantastic cosplayers.

This con was truly a treat, it had the variety of an anime convention, but the open feel of a music festival. People came from far and wide to experience it, as evidenced from the new regions my 3DS streetpassed. This con is still young though, and there are areas it will improve in as it grows and expands. I’m excited to return next year to see how the con continues to improve and what new delights it can bring us.

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All photos in this gallery by Perry “Agent P” Louie Be sure to keep an eye out on his official Facebook page for more.

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