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ConReview: Tulsa Pop Kids Expo 2017

Tulsa Pop Kids Expo, a first-year convention located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, was a success! Attractions included a  life-size Toothless, a child-size Tardis, a Harry Potter wizarding room, huge walking #Marvel characters, gaming, and panels.

Artist and celebrities were friendly and approachable, ample vendors were present, there were even giant snakes!

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Already outgrowing the hotel resort location this year, plans are in place for next year that includes a larger venue and so much more!!!

This is a delightful convention, with scavenger hunts for the children, trivia cards for them, a free superhero cape (for kids) and an awesome Lego room among so much more!

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If you’re in the Midwest and able to make it, do it!!! This gets 4 out of 5 thumbs up for being a delightful little con. It’s going to be bigger next year and I can’t wait!

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