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Convention Review: South City Comic Con 2016

IMG_9128This Last Sunday June 5th was the first ever South City Comic Con held at the South San Francisco Conference Center. Weeks before, when I mentioned the event to friends the weeks before, none of them had heard about it, that is to be expected for a first time show.  However this “first time” show has the people who have brought you Super-Con and Big Wow behind it so we expected this to be a fun event.   The buzz grew as the show got closer, I shared the event on my Facebook page and the reactions were largely positive. I always like to arrive about an hour before any event opens (much to the disappointment of my fellow G33k-hq staff members who prefer to sleep in 😉  Already a line had formed.  About half an hour before show time they smartly decided to let everybody buy tickets early since the line had wrapped around the building!  Once the event opened the doors they had a constant flow people coming in for several hours.

Getting into the event early gave me the opportunity to get the lay of the land. The venue provided a fair sized dealer room with artist tables in the main lobby and hallways. There was a snack bar so attendees would not have far too go for food.   Pizza by the slice, hotdogs, nachos, chips and drinks, I MAY have broken my diet this last weekend.  My friend Alex was our videographer for the day we took a look at the panel schedule. The venue provide two panel rooms. knowing we would not be able to attend every panel we had to choose wisely. Alex managed to record three panels and the entire costume contest. Keep an eye on our YouTube channel for those videos. As a photographer I am always looking for not just general pictures but shots that really call out to me. This was a family event, with lots of smaller children going to their very first comic con.  It was awesome to be ble to capture those special moments. I had a great time taking pictures and talking to fellow con goers. looking forward to next years show.

Below are some of my pictures from South City Comic Con.



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