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Cosplay: DIY Psylocke Costume Tutorial

The folks over at Costume SuperCenter have teamed up with  Yuffie Bunny to create this full step-by-step tutorial on how to creating your own Psylocke cosplay.

Short highlights we chose to share from the tutorial below:

Materials needed:

– Four-way stretch purple pleather or PVC in the shade of your choice. (About 3 yards for this cosplay, that includes all the scraps)
– Two- or four-way stretch red spandex, pleather or PVC in the shade of your choice. (Using pleather for the body suit and spandex for the sash is a fun way to add some depth and texture to the cosplay)
– 1 20-22” purple zipper that closely matches your body suit fabric.
– 1 or 2 spools of purple thread
– 1 spool of red thread
– Straight pins
– 1 pair of comfortable pumps in a simple design with a toe shape of your choice
– Black elastic
– Shoe Goo or E600
– Scissors
– Chalk


– Dance tights to match your skin tone
– Tracing or wax paper
– Clay sculpting tool

Lay your fabric down with the wrong side facing up. Taking care to follow the directions of the grain in the fabric and the pattern instructions use weights or straight pins to help hold the patterns to the fabric and carefully use chalk to outline them. Remove any weights that obstruct you from cutting and proceed to cut out the pattern pieces.

Now you’re ready to start sewing your body suit together! We highly recommend using a zig-zag stitch on all stretchy fabric you sew with.

Whenever working with stretch fabrics, don’t be afraid to over-pin them down because this helps hold the fabric in place better, especially when you’re working with a stretch pleather or PVC. These materials sometimes will stick to the foot of your sewing machine. (One item to consider is a teflon sewing foot, though over time the non-stick quality of these declines).

Follow directions and use a zipper foot to now place your 22” zipper down the back. You can choose to either top stitch the zipper after it’s in or not. Toop stitching helps with most zippers, but there isn’t much need to worry about the zipper for this one. Psylocke has very long hair, almost no one will see the back of the cosplay anyway.

Next is the easiest part: The red sash! This was made with very wide (60” bolt) fabric, but only one yards worth. Depending on how wide you want your sash, measure off the width after folding over one edge of your fabric. This allows you to only have to sew 3 sides of the sash, saving you some time and thread. You can iron down all the sides to help give it a crisper edge when you’re all finished sewing, but you’re welcome to cut and stitch all four sides.


To see the full tutorial be sure to head over to Costume SuperCenter.


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