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Cosplay Interview: Amber Brite

Copy of tunnel-15Amber Brite Bio: 
My name is Amber Brite, and I actually work full time as a professional prop-maker and cosplayer.  I make and sell props to fellow cosplayers all around the world, travelling to conventions and keeping my fans updated on all my crazy adventures!  I am best known for my Star Wars aliens (Twi’leks and Togrutas especially) as well as my many bodypainted characters.​​
Facebook: Amber Brite
Twitter: @omgsobrite
Instagram: @omgsobrite
YouTube: Channel Here
 G33K-HQ: When did you start cosplaying?
Amber Brite: Honestly I’ve been cosplaying since before I knew it was called cosplay.  I made costumes for movie premieres… halloween… any excuse was a good excuse to dress up!  But I really started cosplaying about four years ago.  Once I discovered conventions, and the fact that I could do this twice a month?  I was hooked!
 G33K-HQ: What was your favorite character to cosplay as?
Amber Brite: I think most of my fans would riot if I didn’t say my Twi’lek from Star Wars!  She’s so fun because she’s an original character, I get to make whatever weapons or tools or outfits I want for her and it all works!  And because she’s a Star Wars alien, she’s still really easy to recognize, which is cool.
matt-15 G33K-HQ: What first attracted you to cosplay?
Amber Brite: I like creating stuff, and I like nerdy stuff.  And it just… fit!  Cosplay takes skill in just about every category: painting, sewing, fabrication, makeup… it really stretches you to the limit and I love it.
 G33K-HQ: What is your favorite part of doing cosplay?
Amber Brite: That moment when 6 months of hard work, no sleep, stress, blood, sweat, and tears all comes together, and you see your costume finished for the first time!
 G33K-HQ: What conventions will you be at this year?
Amber Brite: Oh man… I attend roughly 2 to 3 conventions a month, usually with a booth to sell my props and meet with fans.  Your best bet is to check out my schedule on
 G33K-HQ: What was the first con you went to? What was your general reaction to it? Who did you Cosplay at that con?
Amber Brite: My first con was Phoenix Comicon.  It was absolute heaven!  So many awesome cosplays to see!  I was wearing some steampunk outfit I put together… that’s where I met a bunch of Star Wars cosplayers and knew I found my home!
 G33K-HQ: How does Facebook/social media influence your costume making and character selection?
Amber Brite: It allows me to be more in touch with my fans, so I can find out what they’re excited about and what they want to see more of.  I usually have a list a mile long of cosplays I want to build, and they help me decide where to start first!
 G33K-HQ: Do you have a dream cosplay?
Amber Brite: OH MY GOD YES.  Zerg Kerrigan from Starcraft.  Such an intense build.  So hard to do.  I don’t even know where to start.  But one day… ONE DAY… she’ll be all mine!
 G33K-HQ: What is your personal favorite cosplay you have done?
Amber Brite: Ahsoka Tano from Star Wars: Rebels.  She’s such a complicated build, and has taken so much time to figure out.  The headpiece alone was a 6 month learning experience.  I’m proud to say I now sell Ahsoka headpieces for anyone else looking to cosplay Ahsoka.  I love how many different talents went into making her.  Mold-making, casting, armor crafting, sewing, painting, bodypaint… she’s the full package of all of my skills, in a single costume, and I’m so proud of her.
matt-13 G33K-HQ: Most memorable moment whilst cosplaying?
Amber Brite: I was wearing Mystique (classic comic book version from X-Men) and I went to take a picture with this little boy at a convention.  I told him, “Okay, strike your best superhero pose!”  And he looked at me and said “No you can’t, you are a super villain!”  Mom was so embarrassed but I thought it was the most adorable thing ever!  He was so serious!
 G33K-HQ: Where do you get your ideas for your next cosplay outfit?
Amber Brite: I try to choose costumes that have a couple things.  First, I like if it’s a costume not many other people have tried.  I try to pick characters that look kind of like me, too.  And I try to pick costumes that will be challenging, and interesting to build.  From there, I can usually find characters from video games or comics that I really like, and choose from those!
 G33K-HQ: Have you had any cosplays go wrong/encountered problems whilst making cosplays?
Amber Brite: Every cosplay goes wrong at some point, that’s for sure.  I once had a zipper on a catsuit break an hour before I needed to be at my booth.  Thankfully I’ve never had a cosplay go so wrong that I couldn’t fix it with some trusty tape, glue, or safety pins!
 G33K-HQ: Have you ever done group cosplay? If so how did you find that experience?
Amber Brite: Group cosplays can be a lot of fun, but they can also be challenging.  I tend to meet up with people if we’re all doing the same type of costume, but I find it’s easier & less stressful if we don’t try to plan it all out ahead of time.
Copy of tunnel-1 G33K-HQ: Do you have one piece of advice that you would give to cosplay virgins?
Amber Brite: Ask questions.  Ask everybody about everything.  Cosplayers love to talk about what they made, and will be honored you thought to ask them.  It’s the best way to learn!
 G33K-HQ: What is your dream con to go to and why?
Amber Brite: I want to go to an international conventions.  Travelling is so much fun, and I want to meet fellow cosplayers in other countries someday!
 G33K-HQ: If you could be any character in your fave story who would that be and which story? (like I’d be Spiderman in the Civil Wars series)
Amber Brite: Oooh… this is a hard one.  I would be… Sailor Moon.  Because who wouldn’t want to be a magical girl with a talking cat?
 G33K-HQ: Money is no object, what geek collectible you would purchase? (real Batmobile, Superman #1, etc.)
Amber Brite: David Tennant.  He’s a collectible, right?  Right?
 G33K-HQ: Have you ever regretted cosplaying a specific character?
Amber Brite: Liara.  Because Mass Effect armor is the devil and you can’t actually walk in it without looking like a Penguin!  I’m working on a different Asari that I hopefully will enjoy more!
 G33K-HQ: Can you share with us any future cosplays you are planning?
Amber Brite: I have a few!  Elise from League of Legends, Samus from Metroid (both her Zero Suit & her Armor), Darth Talon from Star Wars… and the one I think I am most excited for… Selendis.  She’s one of the female Protoss from Star Craft.  Such gorgeous armor!
 G33K-HQ: How do you define “geek”?
Amber Brite: Anyone who is truly passionate about something, regardless of what popular opinion tells them they should be.
 G33K-HQ: Are you a geek?
Amber Brite: I can name two dozen dinosaurs off the top of my head, does that count? 

If you are at Wonder Con this weekend, be sure to find her and say Hi.

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