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Cosplay Outing: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Cosplay Outing

Amazing Spiderman 2 debuted last weekend to $91 million and change at the box office.  G33k-HQ was onsite at Regal Cinemas Hacienda Crossings with another costumed gathering.

Thanks for the crew of cosplayers that came out and made this a night to remember for us and the audience.

This article will contain a mini spoiler free review and a write up of our escapades.

First off, we had a great turn out, heroes and villains alike showed up for the promotion.

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We had a blast meeting fans outside and in the lobby


The theater staff was amazingly cool and very accommodating.  Always nice to see fans working the theater 😉


Now for the review.  First off, I liked Amazing Spiderman 2 better than I liked the first one, that isn’t saying a whole in itself as I prefer the Raimi trilogy to this newer reboot.  They did get a whole lot of stuff right in this version.  The Spidey swinging scenes were superb and really made you feel like you were along for the ride through New York.  The chemistry between Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy was improved and didn’t feel as rushed as it did in the first one.  The move was full of classic Spiderman quips and I think Garfield excels as the Spidey character where Maguire was a better Parker.  The overall look of the film was great and the effects scenes were fantastic.  The part that I felt could have used some work was the villains, too much was crammed in and no one really got enough time to shine.  That being said the film nicely sets up the rest of the series and we are all looking forward to the Sinister Six when it comes out!

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We want to thanks Regal Cinemas and the staff of Hacienda Crossings.  They were such gracious hosts and really seemed to have fun on a night that must be pretty stressful for them…although we couldn’t tell!  We were met with smiles and thumbs up from the staff and even grabbed some quick selfies with a few 😉  All in all an awesome night!


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