Culture: Adorkable PC Cushions

Check out these adorkable creature cushions for you to use at your PC as a  wrist rest

Specter watch PC cushion frame’s

Product Details

Appeared in the popular “specter watch” in such as games and animation, it is stuffed type PC cushion of the popular monster “frame-san” to a wide range of generations from children to adults.

Optimal, stuffed Cushion & armrest set of a long period of time of the PC work at home or office.

Unwind not think a good stuffed feeling of feeling by sandwiching the “frame-san” to the desk and body.

Furthermore, by putting the arm on the armrest, it is difficult to be tired arm for a long time of PC work, you can work comfortably while being healed in coma’s.

It is also possible to furoshiki coma’s is carrying always that houses the accessories and precious thing.

Set contents
● stuffed toy … one
● armrest … one [product material] polyester, nylon · UP [Product size] width of about 50cm × height of about 48cm × depth of about 35cm [Age]more than six years old [country of origin] China warning: please sure to read to the guardian. There is a small part. To reduce the risk of accidental ingestion, suffocation, please do not give absolute children under 3 years old.

Capybara’s PC cushion

カピバラさん PCクッションカピバラさん PCクッションカピバラさん PCクッションカピバラさん PCクッションカピバラさん PCクッション

Product Details

Practical cushion appeared that can happily PC work in conjunction with the capybara san!

Plush, soft gentle touch.

Armrest in the special original design of fun keyboard pattern, use the Motchiri pleasant low rebound cotton!

Stuffed animals and armrest is removable with the button of cute flowers and rubber straps, you can use fun 3WAY.

General over-the-counter Release Date: May 17, 2015 (Sun) Set contents ● body … one [product material] polyester [commodity size] armrest: width of about 38cm × height of about 6.5cm × depth of about 12cm stuffed animals: width about about 43cm × depth of about 30cm 22cm × height[age] more than 8-year-old [country of origin] China [your order] accept up to two per person


You can purchase these from their product page here. Prices vary




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