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Culture: Awesome G33k Patches

From time to time we like to troll around Etsy and find you some great g33k items, bit this time we found out about MajesticFashion and Geek Patches from the Facebook group G33K-HQ Hangout. I have to say, there is a great selection to choose from, or you could even get a custom one made.

If you are looking for one to set off your cosplay:

Jurassic World Security patch $6.99 Get it here
Battlestar Galactica Bsg Viper Patch 3.5″ Wide Embroidered $5.99 Get it here
The Martian ARES III Patch $8.00 Get it here

Or if you just like g33k patches:

Firefly / Serenity Patch $6.99 Get it here
Mickey Mouse Zombie Patch $4.99 Get it here
Bounty Hunter Star Wars Inspired Helmet Patch $5.99 Get it here

There seems to be a patch for everyone:

Save 20 on all pre-order statues at!
Snoopy the Flying Ace – The Red Baron Patch $6.99 Get it here
Coexist Comic Book DC / Marvel Patch $3.99 Get it here
Minecraft Creeper $3.99 Get it here


Be sure to head over to MajesticFashion and Geek Patches for these and many many more; also if you do not see one you want or you are looking for something custom then be sure to shoot a email off to her as she is always welcoming custom work and not just patches.


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Just another G33k out in the verse having fun and helping spread g33k news and culture everywhere!!

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