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Culture: Ever Wonder How Some Animals Keep Cool?

With the temp heating up it is time to remember that you should not be leaving your animals in hot vehicles or anywhere without access to shade and water, which makes us wonder how do animals keep cool? Well, the folks over at put together this informative post on”20 Incredible Ways Animals Keep Cool.” Below are just a few of my favorites from the article.

8. Dogs

dog panting to cool downImage source: NICOLAS TESSARI on Unsplash

Dogs pant on hot days and after intense exercise, and it’s their natural way of keeping cool. Through panting, they quickly expel warm breath from the body and take in cooler air, which passes into their lungs and works to cool down their whole body. Cats also pant, but few people know that some birds do too – you’re just unlikely to see them with a great long tongue hanging out of their mouth.

6. Koalas

Koalas lying on tree cooling downImage source: David Clode on Unsplash

Koalas are famous for being lazy, so you could be forgiven for thinking that one sprawled across a tree branch is just relaxing, but there’s more to it than that: researchers have discovered that many of the trees that koalas inhabit have bark which is cooler than the air temperature. This means that by snuggling up to the cool surface (literally tree-hugging!), koalas have an ingenious method of keeping cool in those intense Australian heatwaves.


10. Pigs and Hippos

hippo in water to cool downImage source: Joe Were on Unsplash

When it comes to lowering their body temperature, animals like hippos and pigs love nothing more than to bathe in cool mud. As the moisture from mud evaporates, it carries away body heat at a rate much slower than evaporating water, meaning animals who love a mud bath stay cooler (but grubbier) for longer.

11. Elephants, Hares and Rabbits

face of an old ElephantImage source: Simon Saw on Unsplash

What do elephants, hares and rabbits all have in common? The answer is big ears, which are used in very clever ways to keep them cool. Hares and rabbits regulate their entire body temperature through their ears, dilating or constricting blood vessels depending on the external temperature. Elephants take things a step further by flapping their ears to cool the blood flowing through them, and even spray water on to them for even more of a cooling effect.


Be sure to head over to to see the full article.

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