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Culture: Full Size 3D Printed Stargate Replica

OMG! This is amazing. Folks over at Vigo Universal built a full size Stargate replica.

“The 20-foot replica consists of 2,000 separate 3D-printed parts, which included 10,000 cuttings and took over 1,000 hours to create and assemble. The project used a Thunder Laser cutter, a Flashforge 3D printer farm and aMarchant Dice milling cutter.”

STARGATE PROJECT (English version)
VIGO Universal and the Musée royal de Mariemont challenged themselves to reproduce the famous interplanetary transport of Stargate series with as much detail as possible, the Stargate.
This society, established in the heart of Namur for more than 5 years, is specialized in new digital technologies and has its own technological hive called the Replication Center. This showroom has a real 3D printers farm and many other emerging technologies.
To complete this project, VIGO Universal uses innovative technologies such as 3D printing, laser cutting and milling. More than 1000 working hours, 2000 printings, 10000 cuttings have been necessary to realize this original project!

With a wingspan of almost 7 meters, the Stargate is exposed in front of the Musée royal de Mariemont during the exposition « De Stargate™ aux Comics. Les dieux égyptiens dans la culture geek (1975-2015) » organized from the 21th of May to the 20th november 2016. The persons of the Musée royal de Mariemont in charge of this initiative are Arnaud Quertinmont and Bertrand Federinov. This exposition is accessible to all, geek or not, young or old! Immerse yourself in a décor between science fiction and Egyptian mythology…

Technologies used
3D printers from Flashforge
Milling cutter from Marchant Dice Ltd
Laser Cutter from Thunder Laser




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