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Culture: Great G33ky Kitchenware On Sale Now

If you are a FoodG33k like me then you will love some of this awesomely g33ky kitchenware that is on sale over at ThinkGeek as part of their 18th anniversary.

Poké Ball Cupcake Pan:



Pokémon’s been around and we’ve been fans for 20 years, but especially with the recent craze everyone’s baking up Poké Ball cupcakes. But not all of us are as gifted in the kitchen as we are in the Pokémon gym. For those of you who are like us and use your ovens mainly to reheat pizza and tell the time, we’ve created a way for you to make flawless Poké Ball cupcakes without all the culinary expertise.

This two-part Poké Ball Cupcake Pan cleverly snaps together to ensure your cake batter stays put while baking. First you’re going to grease the pan, including the rim around the opening at the top of each Poké Ball – that’s important for later. Then you fill in the little Poké Ball shaped molds with a single cake batter or go wild and layer one color of dough on top of a second. Bake it in the oven according to your batter’s instructions, and voila. We predict you’ll have tasty little Poké Balls in less than half an hour. Excess batter will bake out the hole on top, and as long as you remembered to grease around the opening you can easily trim it away. In fact, we suggest you cut that spot flat to keep your tasty Poké Ball from rolling when you serve them. Just don’t throw them at anybody, k?

Tips from the back of the packaging:

  • Stabilize pan by placing it on a cookie sheet.
  • Coat baking surfaces and also surfaces around exterior of hole with non-stick cooking spray. This will help remove dough cleanly if batter overflows.
  • Ensure two mold parts are completely sealed before filling.
  • Fill to almost full in order to make batter take up all the space in mold as it bakes.
  • To make dual-colored, fill to almost halfway with white batter and rest of the way with colored batter.
  • Allow cakes to cool completely before removing from pan.
  • Bake according to recipe’s instructions, but keep an eye on it in case you need to adjust.
  • Use yeast recipes for best results.

Product Specifications 

  • Poké Ball Cupcake Pan
  • Officially-licensed Pokémon merchandise
  • A ThinkGeek creation & exclusive
  • Makes 4 cupcakes that look like Poké Balls
  • Materials: Food-safe silicone
  • Care Instructions: Oven, microwave, and dishwasher safe
  • Imported
  • Dimensions: 8″ wide x 9″ tall x 3 1/2″ deep; makes 3 1/2″ diameter Poké Balls


Guardians of the Galaxy Baby Groot Wooden Cutting Board:



Baby Groot is adorable, naive, and mischievous. With the rest of Star-Lord’s lovable band of misfits, Baby Groot helps take on the galaxy’s worst. The Guardians are up for any challenge that comes their way, even when the obstacles are self-inflicted (we’re looking at you, Rocket!).

The Guardians of the Galaxy Baby Groot Wooden Cutting Board is also up for any challenge. Channel your inner Drax and slice, dice, and chop with wild abandon, knowing your favorite knife won’t dull prematurely on this 15″ x 11 1/4″ wooden cutting board. We promise it wasn’t made from Groot.

Product Specifications

  • Guardians of the Galaxy Baby Groot Wooden Cutting Board
  • Officially-licensed Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 merchandise
  • A wooden cutting board shaped like Baby Groot’s head
  • He’s conquering the galaxy for the second time, so you know he can help with meals
  • Materials: Wood (but not Groot)
  • Care Instructions
    • Hand wash only
    • Not microwave or dishwasher safe
  • Imported
  • Dimensions: 15″ x 11 1/4″
  • Note: Because this is made from wood, there will be some natural variation


Exclusive Star Wars R2-D2 Measuring Cup Set:



One of the fun things about using these R2-D2 measuring cups is that you get to play like you’re a Jawa. See, you found this droid, and in order to make it useful, you’re going to have to take it all apart. Utinni! But NOT with your ion blaster. Sorry. And we recommend an apron for the kitchen vs. those brown robes with the potentially flammable cuffs.

This set of R2-D2 Measuring Cups disassembles into 4 measuring cups plus 4 measuring spoons and reassembles in a snap (fortunately, it’s not as complicated as C-3PO). Each has its measurement written inside so you can’t forget what they are and handles on the back that don’t distract from R2’s aesthetic. The only problem we can foresee with these is that if you show somebody else your R2-D2 Measuring Cups, you may have to install a restraining bolt to keep them from wandering off.

Product Specifications

  • Set of measuring cups that look like R2-D2
  • Officially-licensed Lucasfilm merchandise
  • A ThinkGeek creation and exclusive!
  • Body built from 4 measuring cups: 1/4, 1/3, 1/2, and 1 cup
  • Detachable utility arms turn into nested measuring spoons: 1/4, 1/2, 1 tsp, and 1/3 tbsp (bakers will see wut we did there)
  • Dome is both 1/2 cup and 1 tbsp
  • Materials: Food-grade ABS plastic (BPA-free)
  • Dimensions: 6 1/2″ tall x 5″ across x 3 3/4″ deep
  • Do not microwave
  • Not dishwasher-safe


Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter:



Space… the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its five-year mission: to explore strange new pizzas, to seek out new toppings and new cheeses, to boldy cut pizza where no man has cut before! Yes, this officially-licensed Star Trek collectible is everything you hoped it would be. The laser-etched stainless steel blade and solid metal construction make it perfect for battling Romulans in the neutral zone or slicing pizzas with precision.

You’ll find that even though the prime mission of the Enterprise has now become very pizza-centric, the chrome-plated metal construction makes the Enterprise pizza cutter a true Star Trek collectible. Plus, it looks great on your table even when not being used to cut your favorite cheese-and-sauce-laden masterpieces.

Official Weaponry To Boldly Cut

Product Features

  • Pizza cutter in the shape of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 from Star Trek: The Original Series
  • Officially-licensed Star Trek collectible
  • A ThinkGeek creation & exclusive
  • Laser-etched stainless steel blade with solid zinc-alloy chromium-plated body
  • Blade diameter: 4″
  • Total length including blade: 8.5″
  • Weight: 10 oz.
  • Hand wash only


Star Trek Spock Oven Mitt:



On the Starship Enterprise’s maiden voyage, the sick bay found itself overrun with victims of curious palm and finger burns. They complained that their food was going to burn if they didn’t retrieve it quickly. When asked about an oven mitt, they would drop to their knees and scream, “BUT WHERE?” over and over again until sedated. It was then First Officer Spock came up with the idea to use his trademark symbol of peace and prosperity as a unique design for an oven mitt. The design would keep his crew from getting burned because it was easy to locate and was made of strong, durable, heat-resistant material. There’s a reason Spock was a Science Officer.

The Star Trek Oven Mitt is made of 100% cotton and is lined and filled with 100% polyester. Not only does this Oven Mitt protect you beautifully, it also greets you with a warm Vulcan sign of peace. No longer will you have to choose between burning your food or burning your hands! The Star Trek Oven Mitt is too unique and too awesome to be shoved in a drawer. You’ll have it displayed where everyone can see it. Get the Star Trek Oven Mitt: Cook well and prosper.

Product Specifications

  • Conquer hot lasagna pans with the Vulcan grip
  • Oven mitt for fans of Star Trek who like to eat
  • Unique shape and memorable appearance make it easy to find
  • Materials:
    • Exterior: 100% cotton
    • Interior & filling: 100% polyester
  • Officially licensed Star Trek collectible
  • Love your mitt: Hand wash in cold water only


Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise Sushi Set:



Uhura has a secret. It’s nothing bad, but it’s just nothing she’s shared with her crewmembers. Uhura loves Argoan sushi. Now, the food synthesizers can make an almost acceptable version, but nothing beats the real thing. And when Uhura can get 100% real Argoan sushi, she has a whole ritual involving how to eat it. And she always, ALWAYS, uses the Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise Sushi Set she was given for her first anniversary onboard.

And now you can have a Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise Sushi Set of your very own. Set it on your table, and it looks like a mid-warp U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 on a wooden base. But the wooden base is actually a sushi plate. Remove the top of the saucer section, and you have a little dish for your soy sauce. And slide out the warp effect from the nacelles and you’ll have a pair of chopsticks. The Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise Sushi Set is just the thing to elevate sushi… into the final frontier!

Product Specifications  

  • A full set of sushi-ware shaped like the U.S.S. Enterprise from the original Star Trek TV series
  • Includes: Wood sushi plate, chopsticks, and soy sauce dish
  • Chopsticks look like a warp effect, but slide out of the nacelles for use
  • Top of saucer section removes to reveal soy sauce dish
  • Enterprise body rotates, for perfect sauce placement
  • Officially-licensed Star Trek sushi equipment
  • A ThinkGeek creation and exclusive!
  • Materials: Wooden base, BPA free chopsticks, stainless steel soy saucer section
  • Care Instructions: Surface clean only
  • Not dishwasher or microwave safe
  • Dimensions:
  • Fully Assembled: approx. 14.9″ x 3.5″ x 4.5″
  • Chopsticks: approx. 0.4″ (thickest diameter) x 9.25″ long
  • Soy Sauce Dish: approx. 3.3″ diameter x 0.4″ deep (at its deepest point)


FNAF Freddy Fazbear Pizza Kit:



Welcome to Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza – a magical place for kids and grown-ups alike, where fantasy and fun come to life!

Now you can recreate the exciting experience of being at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza in your own home! This Freddy Fazbear Pizza Kit comes with three custom items. The Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza Pan makes every deep dish or thin crust more magical. Our Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza Apron will keep you neat and clean no matter what sort of shenanigans you get into. The pizza cutter is shaped like Freddy himself, and we hear it’s all ready to slice. All three items come in a cute Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza box. Birthday party? Repurpose the box to present the birthday kid a giant cookie! Just want to give somebody a real-life jumpscare? Put a pizza in the box – garnished with a plastic roach. Sure, the lights aren’t off and killer animatronics aren’t roaming the house, but we predict it’ll still get a squeal out of ’em.

Product Specifications

  • Freddy Fazbear Pizza Kit from Five Nights at Freddy’s
  • Officially-licensed Five Nights at Freddy’s merchandise
  • A ThinkGeek creation
  • Great for family pizza night
  • Freddy Fazbear pizza cutter
    • Materials: BPA-free ABS with a copper screw
    • Care Instructions: Hand wash to avoid scratching surface
  • Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza Pan
    • Features the logo from the chain imprinted into the base of the pan
    • Materials: Steel
    • Care Instructions: Dishwasher safe
    • Dimensions: 11 1/2″ interior diameter, 13 1/2″ outer diameter
  • Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza Apron
    • Features the logo from the chain on the front
    • Neck strap adjusts with D-rings
    • Materials: 100% cotton
    • Care Instructions: Machine wash cold. Tumble dry low.
    • Dimensions: 28 1/2″ long x 25″ across, 84″ total waist with ties
  • Includes an apron, a pizza cutter, and a pizza pan all in a Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza box
  • Ages 14+
  • WARNING – SMALL PARTS – Not intended for children under 3 years of age.


Star Wars Lightsaber Flatware Set:



We’ve had lightsaber chopsticks for a while now and also grilling implements, but maybe you’re looking for a way to infuse your everyday meals with more Star Wars. We have the solution for you: our Star Wars Lightsaber Flatware Set.

Make every meal a little bit more more civilized with this set of 3 utensils featuring lightsaber handles. The fork features Luke’s lightsaber hilt, the spoon features Yoda’s, and the knife features Vader’s. We were pondering whether the choice of implements for the characters indicated anything, like the knife is there to tear things apart, but we couldn’t really make any connections. Except that Yoda’s really old. He probably likes pudding. Pistachio.

Note: These are the hilts only. They do not light up. They are not “actual” lightsabers. This is for the best. It’d be hard to use a fork that cut things every time you went to skewer it. And imagine trying to eat ice cream with a lightsaber spoon….

Product Specifications


  • Star Wars Lightsaber Flatware Set
  • Officially-licensed Star Wars merchandise
  • A ThinkGeek creation & exclusive
  • Materials: Stainless steel & food-grade ABS plastic flatware set
  • Fork – Luke’s lightsaber hilt, 8 1/4″ long
  • Spoon – Yoda’s lightsaber hilt, 7 1/2″ long
  • Knife – Vader’s lightsaber hilt, 8 3/4″ long
  • Weight: < 2 oz. each
  • Includes 1 fork, 1 spoon, and 1 knife
  • Not dishwasher safe



Aliens Warrior Cookie Jar:



Aliens. Those darn Xenomorphs are always trying to shove something down the throats of humans. You know, maybe if they made the Chestburster embryos look like cookies, the Facehuggers could get cushy desk jobs. Or, you know, something else they have the skillset for. They’d probably make great massage therapists, what with all those little appendages.

But we digress. The raison d’etre of this Warrior Alien Ceramic Cookie Jar is to bring you cookies. Preferably without raisin d’etres, because we always think they’re chocolate chips and then we’re all disappointed, but we don’t want to throw the cookie away because it’s a cookie and we took it and everything, but it’s not like we can put it back either now that our fingers have been all over it, so then we have to eat the dang raisins that should have been chocolate chips. Stupid fruit.

Dang it. We digressed again. Big warrior Xenomorph. Wants to hold your cookies. Totally not going to kill you and use your body as a host. Much.

Product Specifications 

  • Warrior Alien Ceramic Cookie Jar
  • Officially-licensed Aliens merchandise
  • Sculptor: Paul Harding
  • Materials: Ceramic
  • Dimensions: 12″ tall
  • Not dishwasher safe


Star Wars Death Star Waffle Maker:



The secret of the Death Star was that it looked like one thing, but it was technically another. It looked like a moon hanging there in space, but we know that secretly it was actually a space station. Waffles are a lot like that, too. They look like dessert, all covered with strawberries and whipped cream and chocolate chips and powdered sugar and syrup (well, maybe not all of those at once), but they’re technically breakfast. Booyah.

If you’re ready to make your kitchen explode with awesome, you need a Death Star Waffle Maker. Plug it in, warm it up, and pour the batter onto the non-stick cooking plates. In just minutes, you’ll have golden, delicious waffles, good enough to destroy a planet for. Well, a small one, at least.


And if one side turns out a little funny with bubbles or you overcook it and there’s a Dark Side, just flip it over. There’s a Concave Dish Composite Beam Superlaser indentation on both cooking plates, so you’re covered. And both sides have pockets for your tasty toppings. Just keep in mind when you break out the syrup that it’s likely to do its own version of the trench run.

Honestly, there’s no need to waffle. You know you want it.

Product Specifications

  • Death Star Waffle Maker
  • Officially-licensed Star Wars merchandise
  • A ThinkGeek creation & exclusive
  • Produces a 7″ diameter round waffle with two sections
  • Non-stick cooking plates duplicate the design on both sides
  • Indicators light up when iron is on and when it is at correct temperature
  • Materials: Cast aluminum cooking plates
  • Dimensions: 8″ deep x 10″ wide x 4″ tall
  • Weight: 2 lbs.
  • Electrical Plug:  Type B socket (American, grounded) 110V ~ 60Hz


Star Wars Death Star Dinner Set:



An Imperial Star Destroyer heads toward the evil planet-like battle station: the Death Star!
– Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. Revised fourth draft, public version.

When you think of Star Wars placemats, you probably think about foam-backed vinyl and tacky plastic cutouts. Those are great for kids, but we want to be able to use these with our whole family. With other adults. We want to create a place setting that looks appropriate for more than just chicken nuggets and juice boxes. Not that there’s anything wrong with chicken nuggets and juice boxes.

Entirely fabric, this placemat is a step up. It creates a scene that gives context to the plate. The two images don’t match; they coordinate. The plate’s a generous 10″ in diameter. It’s melamine, which means it won’t break when you drop it (we’ve met you). That also means you could use it as a charger for a soup or salad plate or, better yet, put a charger behind it to set it off. The placemat and coordinating plate come with a set of 3 flatware pieces with decorative lightsaber handles: a Luke fork, a Yoda spoon, and a Vader knife. Because actual lightsabers would make horrible kitchen utensils. Imagine how much worse a lightsaber burn would be than the one you get from too-hot pizza. Yeeeeowch.

Product Specifications

  • Star Wars Death Star Dinner Set
  • Officially-licensed Star Wars merchandise
  • A ThinkGeek creation & exclusive
  • The Death Star on the plate; Star Destroyer and TIE Fighters on the placemat
  • Materials: 100% polyester placemat + melamine plate + stainless steel & food-safe ABS plastic flatware set
  • Care Instructions: Hand wash only
  • Imported
  • Dimensions: 10″ diameter plate + 18″ wide x 12 1/4″ tall placemat
  • Includes 1 plate, 1 placemat, and 3-piece flatware set (fork, spoon, knife)
  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Not microwave safe
  • Note: Also available in Cloud CityTatooine, and Hoth

Also on sale for about $5 are the Star Wars Cloud City Dinner Set, the Star Wars Tatooine Dinner Set, and the Star Wars Hoth Dinner Set.


Poké Ball Lunch Case:



If Pokémon has taught us anything, it’s this: candy makes life better. Now, we somehow intuitively knew that when we were kids, but all the parents and teachers (and dentists) kept trying to dissuade us. So we’re filling this Pokémon Poké Ball Lunch Case with Skittles.

No, okay. We’re NOT filling our Pokémon Poké Ball Lunch Case with Skittles (or M&Ms). We’re filling it with a sandwich and an apple and some carrot sticks a juice box for a healthy lunch, because we want to grow up to be big strong trainers. You can’t win at the Gym if you’re not fit, right? We’re going to carry our little Poké Ball Lunch Case by its integrated handle, and we promise we won’t try to throw it at any squirrels on the way home. Much.

Product Specifications

  • Pokémon Poké Ball Lunch Case
  • Officially-licensed Pokémon merchandise
  • A ThinkGeek creation & exclusive
  • Perfect for Pokémon trainers on the go
  • Integrated handle and push-button release lid
  • Also works as an adorable clutch or small travel case
  • Or a spot to store your cards. Just be sure to wash it first.
  • Materials: Food-contact safe plastic
  • Care Instructions: Dishwasher safe. Do not microwave.
  • Imported
  • Dimensions: 6 1/2″ wide x 5″ tall (so it sits flat)
  • Weight: 14 oz.
  • Ages 6+

Be sure to head over to ThnkGeek for these and lots more great g33ky items on sale from 30-60% off as part of their 18th anniversary.

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