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Culture: Light Saber Academy Coming To San Francisco

Thanks to LudoSport International the bay area is getting its first light saber academy. It appears the first class is being offered at Studiomix  tomorrow from 4:00 PM – 8:00 PM and will run you $50. Unlike the random classes for lightsaber fighting you may have found around your area, LudoSport will not only teach you basics, but seven different forms for combat:

Taught and practiced progressively, the 7 Forms of Light Saber Combat are consistent with the literary sources, with the adjustments required to be effective in a sport competition.


Each Style is complete and can be used against each one of the others. Techniques of different Styles can be mixed during the fight without any loss of effectiveness nor safety.

Along with learning the seven style you will also need to learn their ten rules:

Sport Light Saber Combat is a new form of recreational- sporting combat competition characterised by a specific instrument named the “light saber” and codified in various forms of armed combat. Light Saber Combat is a sport that is new, original and unique, as an ad hoc technique has been formed, that can be used specifically and only with the instruments and the presumption of the existence – in imagination – of a light saber or more commonly a saber. This instrument is a weapon with a weightless blade, with a 360° edge that cuts everything except itself.


If you are serious in attending the academy and working your way through to tournaments and events then you will want to familiarize yourself with their ratings system:


Click on any of the text below to be taken to the official U.S. page and sign up for classes.

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Welcome to the international network of sporting Light Saber Combat

A new sport activity, healthy and entertaining, with a progressive learning path in seven forms of combat.

LudoSport Founder Masters have spent years in developing an original system of techniques to let people compete safely and in an effective way. The “common language” they built is the sporting Light Saber Combat. With the new MYLUDOSPORT digital platform, all pupils worldwide can challenge each other to a duel, check their school register and their personal rating, and sign up for tournaments and competitions.


October 15, 2016. THE TIME HAS COME.

In San Francisco the first LudoSport regular classes in the US.



1000 Van Ness Avenue

San Francisco, CA 94109View Map


Phone: +1 (415) 910-5545




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