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Culture: New Fallout Enamel Pin Sets

ThinkGeek has just released 4 new Fallout enamel pin sets. Each set is a 5 pack of some of our favorite Vault Boy character traits scenes. Each set will run you $15.99.


Occasionally the loading screens of Fallout 4 would tease us with awesome-looking metal and enamel pins of the images of Vault Boy from the Perk Chart. We could rotate ’em, see the pin on the back, turn them V.A.T.S. green, but we couldn’t pin them to our lapels – or to our bags, as is much more often the case for us than pinning things to lapels, or even having lapels. Wait, what is a lapel? Is that an armor mod? Bet it gives a boost to Charisma.

You don’t have to drool during loading screens now (though you’re still free to do that, we won’t stop you, just maybe put a towel down or something), because enamel pins of the Vault-Tec perks chart are here! Featuring Vault Boy as you know and love him…

You get all five of these metal and enamel pins, each one with two stickback pins and metal stoppers on the back, so they attach securely to your stuff, and not even someone with the Pickpocket perk can take them from you. Not the perks you want to spend your hard-earned perk points on?…

Product Specifications

  • Fallout Enamel Pins 5-Pack Set 1
  • Officially-licensed Fallout merchandise
  • Metal and enamel pins.
  • Perfect gift for someone who is truly S.P.E.C.I.A.L
  • Each pin has 2 stickback pins and metal stoppers on the back
  • Materials: Metal with enamel
  • Dimensions: each pin is approximately 1 1/2″ tall x 1 1/4″ wide
  • Ages 14+

Fallout Enamel Pins 5-Pack Set 1:

Charisma, Gunslinger, Intelligence, Rad Resistant, and Four Leaf Clover Vault Boy images


Fallout Enamel Pins 5-Pack Set 2:

 Medic, Lone Wanderer, Strong Back, Sneak, and Nerd Rage! Vault Boy images


Fallout Enamel Pins 5-Pack Set 3:

Better Criticals, Mysterious Stranger, Basher, Party Boy, and V.A.N.S. Vault Boy images


Fallout Enamel Pins 5-Pack Set 4:

Local Leader, Action Boy, Lady Killer, Lifegiver, and Strength Vault Boy images

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