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Culture: Wipertags Has Your Next Must Have For Your Vehicle

If you have a rear window wiper then you will want to check out the wonderfully g33ky inventory over at These awesomely g33ky Wipertags are the next perfect accessory for your vehicle. Below are just a few of our favorites from their over 400 products.

Official Wipertags Description:

  • WiperTags are weather resistant, fade resistant, detachable, and interchangeable for other designs.  
  • Made from lightweight, durable, flexible, material and printed with UV protected fade resistant ink.
  • Very easy to install using patented LOCK strips which enable them to be detached and interchangeable.  
  • WiperTags lock on tightly, and will not come off while the vehicle and wipers in motion. They can only be removed when you’re ready to detach them.
  • Unlike bumper stickers, WiperTags are removable and interchangeable for different seasons, sports, hobbies, etc.
  • WiperTags are a new, fun and unique way to advertise or promote your school, league, team, business or organization.

Smackdown Wrestlers WiperTags **PRE-ORDER**

$ 14.95 

Love wrestling?  This awesome, viral design with two masked professional wrestlers is sure to please any wrestling fan, and everyone behind them. Universal size fits most left or right sided wipers.  The red wrestler WiperTag is double sided (reversible) for either side.

Beauty the Unicorn Waving WiperTags

$ 19.95

Say hello to Beauty, our gorgeous unicorn with luscious rainbow mane.  Includes laminated, UV protected window decal and paw WiperTag that fits on most rear wipers.  

Barley Rescue Dog Waving WiperTags

$ 19.95

Meet Barley, a rescue dog, who is super happy to have a forever home.  Includes laminated, UV protected window decal and paw WiperTag that fits on most rear wipers.  

Chewy the Waving Sloth WiperTags

$ 19.95

Slow down and enjoy the ride with Chewy the waving Sloth. Universal size fits most rear wipers. Also looks great mounted upside down on top mounted wipers.

Master Sword WiperTag

$ 12.95

Inspired by the Legends of Zelda Master Sword.  Universal size fits most rear wipers.  

Masked Machete Killer WiperTag

$ 19.95 

Tired of people riding your tail?  This should get them to back off. Universal size fits most vehicle rear wipers.  Both the WiperTag arm and window decal are removable. Both are UV protected against fading.  The window decal is also laminated for additional protection.  The arm is double sided (reversible) for left or right side rear wiper.

WipeSabers *Reflective* (4 COLORS)

$ 17.95

The ORIGINAL WipeSaber reflective wiper covers emit an intense glow when hit with direct headlights or bright lights.  Beware of cheaply made knockoffs. See customer pics and reviews below.

  • Easy to install.  Attaches in minutes with no special tools.
  • 3 Styles/Colors to choose from.
  • Year-round all-weather use – rain, snow, sun, sleet.
  • NO Batteries or wiring required.
  • UV protected inks to prevent fading and cracking will last for years.
  • UNIVERSAL SIZE fits most rear wipers (blade size not important). 

You can find WiperTags at their official site and Facebook and on Amazon so be sure to head over and check out the store and find one you love! See more in action on their YouTube.

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