Dungeons & Dragons Announces D&D LIVE 2020

In past years, new Dungeons & Dragons adventures were heralded with massive D&D Live events. With the country still under lockdown, Wizards of the Coast has moved online with D&D LIVE 2020, a three-day event filled with games, guests, and announcements.

D&D Live 2020 will run from June 18-20. The weekend will be filled with live game sessions, featuring stars like Brandon Routh, Matthew Lillard, Felicia Day, and Xavier Woods.

Not only that, but the event will include “Reality RP,” a new addition to the streaming event where viewers can choose characters best suited for the quest. The D&D Live website describes it as “a mashup of fantasy storytelling, community engagement, and reality television!”

In-between game sessions, attendees and viewers will learn more about the next D&D adventure book. Previous D&D Live events have revealed adventures like Chult’s Tomb of Annihilation and the Waterdeep-based Dragon Heist, so we can look forward to seeing what epic quests await.

In-person D&D Live events typically feature non-streamed games for attendees to enjoy. In this case, users from around the world will be able to register for online games, including four new D&D Adventurers League quests.

D&D Live 2020 will be a charity event, with all proceeds going to Red Nose Day, a charity dedicated to fighting child poverty. Additionally, Wizards of the Coast is selling a new orc-based adventure module, “Return to the Glory,” and all proceeds from its sales will also go to Red Nose Day.

 D&D Live Event Portal:

Interested attendees can sign up for the event and virtual games through the D&D Live Event Portal

Red Nose Day – Ways to support:

Learn more about Red Nose Day and how to support them from the Red Nose Day website.

Are you excited for D&D Live 2020? Will you be watching or virtually attending? Let us know in the comments below, and keep an eye on G33k-HQ for all the news and announcements as they come.

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