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Disney Meets League of Legends

As far as cross overs go, combining Disney and Riot Games’ League of Legends is not the strangest thing. But Dreemers did it. And I must say it looks amazing. Each has their own style while holding true to who the mixed characters are.

Wonder what I mean by that? I’ll explain.

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First comes Alice as it does in the alphabet. a colorful girl that somehow has a large hat involved in her story. Caitlyn’s old time rifle really matches the time of Alice from her time in Wonderland. Daring, curious, and involving cupcakes, Alice mixed with Caitlyn just makes sense in every bit of the combination.


ArielSecond, Ariel. Obsessed with a man who has a ship. Eric for Ariel, and Gangplank for Miss Fortune.
Get it? Miss Fortune…misfortune. Haha they are so clever.
Independent and strong-willed, the two blend like colors on a pallet.

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Third Aurora as Ahri. The match is not all that perfect in my eyes. And by that, I just don’t see it at all. Maybe Dreemers saw something I clearly am missing.
I can’t lie and say it is not pretty to look at though. Like each of these, there is nothing but beautiful artwork here, and that should always be commended because of the time and effort someone put into them.


Next, of course, comes Belle. The protector of Beast and the bringer of his light in the darkness of his castle.
She was not the sword of that story but the shield of Beast’s soul, much like Leona is as the tanky support. Even when hope is lost and the last peddle for the bottom lane has fallen, Leona finds a way.


ElsaElsa the ice queen is transformed into…Ashe…the Frost Archer and a queen of the Frejlord. If you have a question, let’s just say the line of succession for that country is worse than it is in Westeros.

Ice meets ice in this mashup. Both aesthetics and frost power. Although, some could say Lissandra might be the better pick.

Helen and Violet ZyraHelen and Violet as Zyra and Evelyn respectively. Plant life and super stretching may not work. But Eve’s invisibility matches up with Violet’s invisibility powers any day. The personalities definitely do not match. But even I think this looks pretty amazing.


Jane from Tarzan with Nidalee the jungle cat. This one was kind of obvious. And to the naked eye, one could mistake it for Jane wearing a Tarzan outfit.

But it clearly is not. Mixing the two jungles just makes sense when you think of both character.

MulanMulan…phew! Sexy ninja. CHECK please! She trained to be a man, but now that she is Akali, she’s a team wrecking machine, since she easily got more than a pentakill with only one rocket in the movie, I say it works. It also does not hurt that Akali’s uniform green matched the tail on Mulan’s father, Fa Shu’s helmet.

RapunzelNear the end comes Rapunzel, and I must say it does not necessarily match up in my head. Rapunzel was curious not psychotic like Jinx is.

Curiosity to see the world. And curiosity to watch the world burn are two very different thins, but I must admit the looks is well done nonetheless.

Snow WhiteFinally, Snow White and Fiora. One is an indomitable force in top lane that knows no offense equal, unless you play Tryndamere you terrible person you. Snow White is the daintiest of flowers. But it is nice to imagine her being such an amazing fighter.


So I think Dreemers is to be congratulated. Her work is sublime in almost every fashion. Hard work like this is something to be enjoyed and smiled at. Kudos to a fan just giving us something to imagine.

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