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Drone Video: Discovers Abandoned Renaissance Faire Deep in Virginia Woods

An unmanned drone recently stumbled upon this abandoned Renaissance Faire in Fredericksburg, Virginia (with the use of a quadcopter and TBS Discovery with Naza GPS). The drone provides an amazing overview of this decaying fairground, hidden deep in the Virginia woods.

George Washington’s mother once owned the land here, because pretty much everything in Virginia was owned by the Washingtons at some point. The area itself is called “Sherwood Forest,” because duh! The Ren-Faire was in operation from 1996 until it tanked from low ticket sales in 1999. The property has been decaying ever since.

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From the looks of the drone video, it’s a pretty epic abandoned fairground, with loads of huge buildings still standing in pretty good condition, though a lot more weedy than before. There’s even an abandoned ship sitting in a moat. There are towers, a jousting arena, a bar with built-in kegs, and of course the obligatory graffiti and paintball vandalism.

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Should you venture out to the fairgrounds, douse yourself in bug spray as the area is a notorious breeding ground for ticks. Oh yeah, and wear orange if you visit during hunting season. In the meantime, let’s hope this drone doesn’t bomb the shit out of this abandoned Ren-Faire. Or maybe that’d be a good thing… lots of ill-fitted corsets roamed those woods.

Here are more creepy abandoned amusement parks for you to explore at your own risk…





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