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Dungeon Drop

Dungeon Drop Game Review

We here at G33K-HQ were lucky to receive an advanced copy of the upcoming tabletop game, Dungeon Drop from Phase Shift Games, and we would have to say we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly playing it.

Dungeon Drop

Let me start off by saying we played a prototype, so changes might be made before the game comes to market.


In Dungeon Drop, players build their characters, then drop the dungeon and compete in this fast paced “strategy, bidding, and press-your-luck ” game to be the best dungeon crawler.


The Cataclysm made weird, magical things happen everywhere. As mountains rose and fell, strange tunnels formed beneath the town. Teeming with untold treasure, this labyrinth is said to be inhabited by the most unusual monsters, both adorable and terrible.

It’s time to drop into the dungeon!


When knew we were in for some fun when we first built our characters. To start the game, players get random Character, Ability, and Quest cards from the corresponding decks. Once your character is created, you drop the dungeon. After the main game area is dropped, players take turns, using their abilities to make and get the best dungeon they can. After the rounds are complete, players flip their quest cards over to reveal them and tally up the loot to see who wins.

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The Good:

I’ll start with we love the graphics, wonderful art! The dungeon pieces were colorful and had two different sizes, which is fun. The rules are clear and easy to follow. The gameplay is fun, fast-paced and uses strategy to get the best loot available. My favorite part of this game is the Quest card. It is not revealed to the other players until the end of the game. If you have been successful in your secret quest, you earn more points and that could put you ahead to win! Between the “drop” and random character creation you will never play the same game twice as there are “Infinite Possibilities.”

The Not So Good:

Honestly, the only thing we found to be a problem was, ironically, one of the best aspects of the game, the “drop.” By this we mean when you drop the pieces to create the dungeon, which is a fun and great part of the game, we had so many cubes that ended up bouncing off the table. I will say that we used a hard wood table and when the pieces hit they went everywhere, which is great, until they fall off the table that is. We did try it with a table cover which did lessen the issue some, and as all gamers play on a variety of surfaces/tables this will probably not be an issue for most.

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If you are looking for a fun, fast paced dungeon crawl for your tabletop game nights, or just to play with the kids then Dungeon Drop from Phase Shift Games is for you! The game is easy to learn and fun to play for the whole family. The game involves enough strategy to make it fun for even advanced gamers, but yet easy to learn and play for new gamers alike.

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Coming to Kickstarter on June 4, 2019!

Be sure to follow Phase Shift Games on FacebookTwitterInstagram and at BGG to learn more and get announcements.


Editors Note: As with any good game makers, Phase Shift Games is continually working on the game to be sure to provide the best gaming experience they can, and is subject to change until they launch the game.

Dungeon Drop Game Review

Components - 8
Lore - 9
Gameplay - 8.6
Rules - 7.5


The game is easy to learn, fun to play for the whole family. The game involves enough strategy to make it fun for even advanced gamers, but yet easy to learn and play for new gamers alike.

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