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Eragon Film Reboot?

Did you ever read the book Eragon? You know the one about a farmboy who is trained by an older wizard who was involved in a war between a religious order of warriors who used powers that made them change reality with their mind while meaninglessly wielding swords that are invincible and can cut through anything? Star Wars similarities aside, the books from the Inheritance Cycle were extraordinarily popular to the tune of forty million copies sold since its release in 2003.

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These stories were something that earned its popularity for the idea that the hero’s journey could be reintroduced into fantasy rather than a science fiction aspects. While, yes, there have been other journeys for heroes like the Sword of Truth or Avatar: The Last Airbender, but this story still came along at the right pace at the right time to reach the right audience, giving them the chance to enjoy their imagination like Lord of the Rings or The Chronicles of Narnia did so long ago.


Now I am not here to say how amazing these books, which while good lacked luster in their completion. Some individuals online are using to try and encourage Fox 2000 to remake the cinematic flops. Now as addressed on the petition, the movie was not a financial flop since it made back its budget over again, and, much like the Narnia films, were successful internationally. However, it failed to represent the intention of the books themselves, which traditionally alienates the ability for a sequel to be me. Fans remember fails like that.

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Personally, this hurt this fan because the casting was absolutely superb, except for Angela, I don’t know what they were thinking.

The enthusiasm of this fan base, which is a surprisingly quiet fandom compared to fans of Supernatural, Doctor Who, Sherlock, or even Hunger Games, or even still Game of Thrones. It is there these fans would fit in in a very excellent way.

It is in this fan’s opinion, though, that this series should be a television series like Game of Thrones since the total page count of the paperback version of Eragon was 528 pages. And that was the shortest of the quartet of the series. But a four to five series would be perfect. Fans would prefer it to be a movie, so if you feel like it should be a movie, feel free to sign the petition at: Eragon’s Petition

But what do you think? Should this movie be remade? Should it be a series? Or should fans just let it go and accept what was made?

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