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Event: 4 Wheelers for Paws: Is it G33K?

Four Wheelers for paws is an event put on by Petco and California State Parks. The event held at Prairie City State Vehicular Recreation Area in Rancho Cordova California December 3rd. Admission to the park was five dollars, dog training and information free, plus other goodies….sounded like a good deal to me!

Upon arriving at the location we found it well marked with information on the parks & services, admissions, the Raffle table, and a Petco samples & freebies table.  Our pup was quite happy with all the goodies!


After signing in, attendees were given a playing card for the Poker Run, at the end of the run each participant could see how good of a poker hand they got and their chances for prizes.

Four stations were set up following each activity and each participant would get another playing card for their poker hand. The activities included

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Recall, where you would call your dog to return to your side.

Force Free Rattlesnake Disengagement.

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Confidence Course, a dog course with crossing thru rocks and mud, upstairs thru tunnels and a log-pile.

Vehicle Load up, teaching the dog to use a ramp in and out of a vehicle.


Now to the title of this article: ‘Is It G33K?’ The slang term “geek” has evolved, one of the meanings is a person obsessed with a hobby or intellectual pursuit. A month and a half ago Skulldouggary and I received a Boxer as an owner surrender. The dog’s name is Bowser, as in from Mario Bros. That was the name he came with. The original plan was to foster the Bowser for a shelter…well haha, foster fail! Bowser has settled into the house as a G33k-HQ mascot. Sounds pretty g33ky to me 😉

Bowser was on location with me to cover this event. It was an on-leash event. We got our photo taken with a radio station. Got Signed in went thru each of the activities. Bowser event did the confidence course twice. Our poker hand at the end was a pair of 4s with a king high. Picked up a lot of dog swag and treats.

The last time we covered a Petco event was while back a costumed Halloween event for pets, I think they have a g33ky side to them. Thank you, Allison (Dog Trainer, Petco) for such a fun event. Other thanks to Peter with the State Parks for such a great location for this event. I hear the event with the help of Petco partners we were able to reach out to 52 dogs, 70-100 people, and generated $150 for Parks canine association.

I have included some photos from the event. Hard to take photos with Bowser on the leash, but here they are.

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