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Event: Battle for the Ring XI: Journey to Hyrule

If you are into historical battles, reenactments, or just fun things then you will want to know about Battle for the Ring XI: Journey to Hyrule. Battle for the Ring is a “is a four-day, medieval and fantasy-themed festival with an emphasis on combat activities .”

Official description:


Battle for the Ring is a four-day, medieval and fantasy-themed festival with an emphasis on combat activities which follow the ruleset of Belegarth Medieval Combat Society (, an international non-profit organization (501c3). Battle for the Ring is hosted every January by the Irvine, CA-based Belegarth Chapter, Anduril. Combat activities such as one-on-one and team tournaments, classes, and multi-team scenario battles involving hundreds of combatants at a single time. Of particular interest is the 10-person “Bel Bowl” tournament, a Medieval combat version of American Football, where teams will fight to transport a combatant through a goal-line in an enclosed space. This takes place on Sunday at 12pm of the event. Additionally, the Medieval sports entertainment brand, “Tussles” ( ) will be hosting a 10-person invitation-only tournament, with prizes sponsored by a professional foam weapon maker, Gorg the Blacksmith ( ). And of course, the scenario battles which take place on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at 4pm are always a spectacle. This year, scenario battles and other event activities are themed around lore from the popular Legend of Zelda series. 

Battle for the Ring

Beyond the combat-focused activities, Battle for the Ring hosts a number of other activities, such as Arts-and-Sciences classes and competitions, a “Bardic night” (talent show), an all-night tabletop/trading card gaming room, an epic feast, and this year, will be hosting a Zelda themed quest for those more inclined towards role-playing and adventure. There will also be activities that are available for the children of attendees. For the second year, Battle for the Ring will also be offering royalty-style VIP seating (tickets available for purchase) to enjoy viewing combat tournaments in Medieval style. VIPs will be given papers of nobility and have delectable treats available to them throughout the weekend. 

Battle for the Ring

Description for the next event, Journey to Hyrule:

After having been invaded by armies from different realms, the Royal Family of Hyrule was set on high alert. While Hyrule had been threatened by forces from within many times throughout its long history, never before had it faced an enemy from outside of their realm. While the Link, the Hero of Time, was able to successfully defend the castle from the invaders, there was no telling when they might be invaded again or by whom. The Royal Family needed to take more drastic measures in order to ensure the safety of Hyrule.

The Family turned to the Seven Sages for answers. The Sages knew of a spell which could isolate their realm from all others, but they warned that the reason the spell had never been cast was due to the fact that the scroll on which the spell was written was incomplete, and they knew not what consequences might befall them should the spell be cast. The Royal Family decided that the risk of not casting the spell was too great, and that they must take this chance to protect their realm. And so the spell was cast.

Once the spell had been cast, the portals were closed—Hyrule was safe from invaders.

Days and weeks passed by without threat. The people of Hyrule began to feel safe yet again, and the Royal Family celebrated their victory. Their celebration was cut short when it was discovered that Sheikah—who were believed to be extinct—began appearing in droves in Kakariko Village. The Royal Family once again consulted the Sages to discover what might be the cause of the resurgence of this once-extinct group of people. The Sages began to search their scrolls yet again.

After a short time, their scrolls and history books indicated one thing very clearly—the Sheikah had never gone extinct. History had been rewritten. The Sages began finding more strange instances of the history they remembered being changed. Various battles never taking place. Characters from history once believed to have been centuries apart were now appearing in the same tales. Significant battles never happening. Wars that had never occurred before were vividly depicted in the history books. The most frightening thing of all, perhaps, was that the present-day Demon King Ganon was creating alliances with other villains throughout history.

The spell which had been cast to protect Hyrule from the outside had caused Hyrule’s history to turn to chaos. A rift in time had been opened, allowing Ganon to travel throughout the ages and assemble a force of evil unlike any other Hyrule had ever seen before. And it wouldn’t be long until Ganon brought this army to the gates of the Castle to steal the Triforce.

And as had happened many times throughout history, the ruling Princess of Hyrule, Zelda, approached their Hero to save them once again. If Ganon was traveling throughout time to assemble the greatest enemies Hyrule had ever seen, then the Hero of Time must also travel through time to gather his own allies in order to stop them. And thus, Link set out on a journey through time to save Hyrule yet again.
His first destination—Termina.

If you are interested in attending Battle for the Ring, what sounds like a fun way to spend a weekend, then you are in luck as it is open to the public, but like any other event, you will be expected to pay $50 at the gate as ther are many activities to partake in.

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