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Event: Imprint City presents Bayview Sparc 2017

   For one day only, Imprint City is uniting many of the local San Francisco, Bayview area Burning Man tribes together to bring some of that experience to the neighborhood they call home. This is an exciting opportunity to experience some of the excitement of the Burner’s celebration in a local bay area location. Costumes, fire dancers, art galleries, beer gardens and displays by the following burners will be happening until the wee hours of the night.


Photo by Jason Chinn

The Flaming lotus girls will be showing off their new collection and fabrications on site. They’re a team of female lead metal and fire artists that have been refining their art for almost two decades.

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Janky Barge is a literal barge of DJs, EDM artists and other performers that have made a name for themselves in the Burning Man scene. Catch a ride with the barge!

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The Barge with lighting


Sextant is bringing towers containing the might of thor bound in coils. They combine aspects of science, engineering and art into one sexy package.

Sextant’s shocking performance at Maker’s Fair 2017

Costuming for this celebration of the weird and anachronistic is invited and encouraged! G33k-HQ will have local staff on site covering the event today at the following location:


1439 Egbert Avenue, San Francisco, CA, United States


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