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Event Review: Frosty Faustings X 2018

Frosty Faustings, an annual gamer convention and the largest winter fighting game majors in America added cosplay to the big game this year. For a first year costume contest stiff competition was met with sportsmanship and friendly artistic rivalry! Fun times reigned not just in the game pit but also in the contestant ring!

Only the best of the best were chosen, bringing competitiveness up and immediate plans for round two next year were heard, with ‘bring it on’ reverberating in a friendly comp way.


Gamers were watched by viewers via 6 streams while playing in heaven with 30+ official tournaments hosted in two days, represented by over 1,0000+ gamers from 10 countries.

Need some excitement in your January? Get here or watch next year as this game con focuses on Guilty Gear and other anime titles, as well as fan favs, classics and Chicago’s fame Mystery Tourny. Seriously the place to be next year, or if you’re snowed in, no worries, check it online by searching Frosty Faustings XI next January!

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Trust Me, I'm a Superhero

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