Event Review: Wasteland Weekend 2016

wasteland-weekend-costuming-mad-max-thunderdome-cosplay-costuming-costumers5Wasteland Weekend, an ultimate Mad Max immersive event held annually in sweaty Bakersfield, CA is mayhem at it’s finest. Spikes, dirt, paint, cars, music and leather make this a must add for your bucket list.

In it’s seventh year, this post-apocalyptic festival hit over 2,500 attendees coming from basically… everywhere. These participants scoped costume parts all year, (costumes are mando), prepping to join their themed tribes in PA style. All of the folks built their in-character costumes to look real and scream ‘witness me’ like Nux, in the most believably intense way.

Cormac Kehoe, the Milwaukee Mad Max Run host and talented photographer, took pics that make you want to shave your head, pierce something while wearing leather and yelling Mad Max quotes!

This fully immersive event gets 5 out of 5 stars for being straight up fierce AF. Next year, make this a must see, no regrets!

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