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Event: Sac-Con Is This Weekend!

Who is ready for another great Sac-Con?!? Well this Sunday is another fun event filled with wonderful guests and great artist such as Roger Jackson, Terry Shoemaker, Nate Watson and Marcus Clawson.  There is a great programming schedule:


10:30 am
Martin Klebba Q&A
Actor, Stuntman, Pteranodon!
Main Events
Martin is probably most well known as a crewman of the Black Pearl in the first three Pirates of the Caribbean movies, but you can also find him in Cradle 2the Grave, Feast 2 and 3, and All’s Faire in Love. His stunt credits include Hancock, Van Helsing, and Epic Movie. He’s also recently motion captured as the Pteranodon squaring off against Chris Pratt in Jurassic world!

11:45 am
Don Bluth, Gary Goldman, and John Pomeroy
Architects of your childhood
Main Events
After spending many years under the wing of Disney, they broke away to form Don Bluth Studios, which produced such classics as The Secret of Nimh, All Dogs go to Heaven, The Land Before Time, and too many more to possibly list! This is an extremely rare chance to ask some questions of these titans of the animation industry.

1:00 pm
Jim Starlin Q&A
Main Events
Come join legendary writer/artist Jim Starlin, creator of Thanos and author of the Infinity Gauntlet storylines! This is a rare convention appearance for Jim, so don’t miss this opportunity to ask about his expansive career!

2:15 pm
Roger Jackson Q&A
Main Events
Roger may be best known for his role as Ghostface, but you may not know that he is also an award winning graphic artist and illustrator! His lengthy body of work includes Robot Chicken, Titan AE, Tales from the Borderlands and too many Star Wars games to list. Come join Roger for a Q&A session about his past and future projects. And remember kids, HE IS… MOJO JOJO!

Charity Raffle
Get a chance to win great prizes for only $1.00. Proceeds donated to local charities.

3:00 pm
Cosplay Sign-ups
Panel Room 2

3:30 pm
The Hernandez Brothers Q&A
Main Events
Sit down with the creators of Love and Rockets, one of the most influential Indy/alternative comics of all time! Both Jaime and Gilbert have released several solo works, and are recipients of numerous awards throughout their careers. Check out this panel for your chance to interact with them!

5:00 pm
Cosplay Contest
Main Events

While you get ready for this Sunday enjoy some pictures from Agent P’s visit to this past Sac-Con March 🙂

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