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Event: Silicon Valley Comic Con Is Almost Here!

That’s right a new event unlike most others is landing in the Bay Area in just a few short weeks. Silicon Valley Comic Con is promising to be a “show unlike any other.” The event is being held on March in  San Jose on March 18-20th, and is being combined with Big Wow ComicFest (see below). Silicon Valley Comic Con will not only be bringing us great guest such as:


Along with all these great guest, we can expect lots of fun things to do such as panels, Costume Contest, Stan Lee Museum, Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, and lots more. Tickets to SVCC will run you about $50 a day or $100 for a 3 day pass. To learn more about the show head over to their website. Hope to see you all there.

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Big Wow Comic Pavilion


With Big Wow ComicFest now part of the SVCC family of events, you can experience all that the largest comic book gathering has to offer at SVCC 2016 in the Big Wow Comic Pavilion. Take a walk through Artist Alley, and browse through our huge selection of comic books, art, collectibles, sci-fi and fantasy.



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