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Event: The Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade Ball 2016

The Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade Ball is an annual Masquerade held in Los Angeles. This two night event will be held at the beautiful and luxurious Biltmore Hotel. The main theme is based on Jim Henson’s classic “Labyrinth”, although many realms reside within the confines of this event- fantasy and wonder are at its heart.

Started in 1997 by Shawn Strider, a then Comic Publisher whom had never attended a masquerade, decided to create his own. This will be the 19th year in existence.  The event now boasts of an entire group of Volunteers; Artists, Dancers, Composers, Actors, and Musicians (aka The Sypher Art Studio) that come together every year to create one of the most magical Masquerades on the West Coast.

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I have attended this event for many years now and look forward to another year of fantasy and lore to be explored in every corner of the Biltmore. This year’s event will be on August  5th and 6th, tickets are still available at


Here are a few photos from previous years:

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Labyrinth Masquerade logo used with permission from  Sypher Dragon Seal Sypher Art Studios

All images by Aubree Portune


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