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Fan Film: Resident Evil Siren’s Song

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Resident Evil: Siren’s Song is a horror/gaming fan film being shot and produced in Northern California. Written by Shaun Patrick of Sacramento Film Armory and Directed by Robin Ventura, the goal of Siren’s Song is to bring the gamer experience of Resident Evil to film and give fans of this iconic game something they desperately want to see.


For those who have been living under a rock and aren’t familiar with the storyline, Resident Evil is a Japanese sci-fi/horror/action video game franchise adapted into a very successful feature film series. In the storyline, the Umbrella Corporation (a bioengineering pharmaceutical company that enters the bio-weapons industry) sets off the zombie apocalypse. They develop T-virus and sort of infected the Earth’s population. Oops. Now that you are up to speed, back to Siren’s Song.

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Follow the Raccoon Police Department as they battle the Umbrella Corporation’s denizens and fight for survival. If you like the undead, video games or blood splatter, this is one nerdy film you won’t wanna miss! Starring, Shane Maus, Nikhil Naidu, Bryson Hatano and featuring NorCal Zombie King, Tom Pressler. The film is currently in pre-production but you can follow along with the progress, screening dates, and zany antics at and stay tuned for more spine-tingling updates!

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