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Fashion Interview: Miss Alphabet

I managed to catch up with Miss Alphabet at Bak-Anime we spoke about doing an interview so here it is. As a photographer i was able to photograph her line of outfits at geek fashion show at sac anime and at norcal cosies, cosie con. i also got a few pictures of her and her booth at Bak-Anime
IMG_1854Miss Alphabet Bio:
My name is Liz and I own and operate Miss Alphabet. If you ever wanted
to wear Barbie’s fashions or the clothes you see in the children’s section,
I can make that happen! My weaknesses are thrift shopping, macaroni
and cheese, and Starbucks. The sweet sounds of The Cure will get me through
a hard day.
My website: with my shop at

Facebook and other Social Media: is my Facebook
page, and missalphabet is my Instagram, which I’m super active on.


Upcoming events: I’ll be in Ani-Me’s artist alley and fashion show in
Fresno, CA; FresCon’s artist alley, also in Fresno; Anime Expo’s artist
alley in Los Angeles, and SacAnime’s artist alley in Sacramento! A few
more inbetween might come up, so follow me on Instagram for updates!

G33K-HQ: What is your earliest geek memory?

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Miss Alphabet: A family friend introducing us to Mystery Science Theater 3000 when I was in elementary school. Back in the early ’90s hardly anyone had heard of it and none of my friends really understood it. It’s pretty amazing how many fans I’ve been able to connect with in recent years, plus we’ve been able to enjoy it in the form of Rifftrax, and MST3K is now officially coming back!

IMG_4966G33K-HQ: What inspired you to start making geeky fashion?
Miss Alphabet: Some of my earlier  memories involve drawing out fashion catalogues and making over my Barbies in punk and goth fashion. I started to get serious about fashion,  when I started getting brochures from fashion schools (who’d have thought Career Day would actually be beneficial!) I started with punk and vintage styles, and then I discovered Harajuku fashion while browsing LiveJournal. My styles became more flamboyant and nostalgia would sneak into my styles over the years. This was especially true when I discovered fairy kei style, which I was easily able to incorporate 80s/post-punk music, one of my biggest loves.

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G33K-HQ: What is your favorite project you have made?
Miss Alphabet: Easily the Sonic the  Hedgehog sailor dress that I featured in SacAnime’s Geek Fashion Show. I styled the model with a fauxhawk and blue temporary hair color to  represent his spikes, and a matching hairbow with gold wedding ring  favors for his “rings.”

G33K-HQ: Describe your work area to us?
Miss Alphabet:It certainly looks like it could be Barbie’s workspace! I have vintage 80’s bedsheets serving as backdrops for photos, shelves of pastel knicknacks and 80’s toys, pink sewing  supplies crowding my cutting table, and of course unfinished projects  in various places! And I can’t forget about my accessories/vanity nook (my  workroom is a master bedroom) with the floor serving as a  relaxing area cluttered with Barbie and New Kids on the Block sleeping  bags, unicorn plushies, and heart pillows.


IMG_4962G33K-HQ: What helps you come up with new ideas?
Miss Alphabet: I oftentimes get inspired by the fabrics themselves, and sometimes the vintage toys I collect. Honestly, if I see some everyday object that appeals to me, the first thing I think of is how I can wear it!

G33K-HQ: Do you consider yourself a “geek”?
Miss Alphabet: It’s super hard to say. There are  many “geek” qualities I don’t really possess. I was never very good at math or science, I’m not a huge gamer, and I’m not terribly familiar with  superheroes. I did have my fandoms from a very young age though, and  formed bonds in high school with fellow anime/Jhonen Vasquez fans and  social misfits (we even started an anime club). I also never really grew  out of my Barbies and Sanrio stationery.

G33K-HQ: What does the word “geek” mean to you?
Miss Alphabet: I realize everyone defines it differently but I think I just gave my definition in my last question.  There are many facets of being a geek, many I don’t necessarily identify with. But again, the things I love, I can just go on and on about, and I’m sure someone out there has rolled their eyes at me and thought “you geek.”

G33K-HQ: Stuck on a deserted island, you can bring ONE series’ entire library to keep yourself occupied…what would it be?
Miss Alphabet: Mystery Science Theater 3000, for sure. There are just so many episodes  (some of which I admittedly haven’t seen yet) and they’re also long and  loaded with jokes and punchlines. They can easily be watched over and over, and you don’t have to watch them in any specific order.

Photographer credits for images above are our very own Perry “Agent P” LouiePio Buenaventura

Watch Her line form The Geek Fashion Show at SacAnime & NorCal Cosies below:

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