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Fashion Review: Wonder Woman in the Kitchen

December was quite a month…I will spare you the details.  But, one of my absolute highlights was when my new cosplay apron from Sassy Apron arrived in the mail!  Wonder Woman has always been my hero (*swoon*) and when I spotted this apron on Etsy I really wanted it.

My package arrived much sooner than I expected, but I am not complaining.  I was very impressed with the workmanship and attention to detail on this piece.  The stitching is all very even and the size was true to the description.  The apron is comfortable to wear and I feel like a superhero, as I am sure it helps me to conquer the cooking challenges in my kitchen.

I would highly recommend this seller to anyone looking for a unique or whimsical apron.  Now, back to the kitchen to channel some Wonder Woman baking powers and make some sweet treats!



About Carla Mac

Always a geek...for as long as I can remember. Always a writer...only just now doing so publicly. Always playing cosplay and the opportunity to portray my favorite characters. Always learning...moving forward, taking chances, and becoming better at being me.

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