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Film: Hulu Is Bringing Some TGIF Favorites Back

Fans of ABC’s TGIF should be happy to hear that some of our favorite shows are headed to Hulu. On September 29th, thanks to a new licensing agreement with Warner Bros., all episodes of the Full House, Family Matters, Step By Step, Perfect Strangers and Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper will be available for streaming.

Senior Vice President of Content Craig Erwich:

“These shows are more than just beloved hits, they were part of a cultural tradition to tune in every Friday night….Now, it can be Friday any day of the week on Hulu.”


Lisa Holme, Hulu’s VP of content acquisitions:

“We’re really focused on having not only really excellent and interesting content but in presenting it to the users in an interesting way…..The average consumer has more access to more content at their fingertips than they have ever had in human history.”


Craig Erwich, Hulu’s senior VP of content:

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“It’s hard to believe we’re talking about ‘Full House’ and ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ in the same sentence — but these are stories that stand out and serve different needs….Sometimes people are in the mood for something that is very new and challenging, and sometimes people want something comfortable. Our job is to have the shows that feed those experiences.”





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