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Film: Resident Evil: Siren’s Song Promo Release *Updated*

Picture this, its 1998 on the outskirts of Raccoon City. You are aboard the ship D.E.V. Aurora, a mere 48 hours after an outbreak of the T-Virus. Under the code name “Siren’s Song” you and the S.T.A.R.S. team are faced with the task of containment and eradication of the evil, undead forces within.

As you navigate through the narrow corridors of this steel-laden vessel, you are confronted with a variety of necrotic adversaries and must try to eliminate the threat. This isn’t just a nightmare, it’s a short film shot near Sacramento California featuring local talent! Resident Evil: Siren’s Song is a horror/gaming fan film being shot and produced in Northern California and I had the pleasure of being a part of the production.


The filming took place aboard the MV Aurora, a 294 foot, German-built vintage cruise ship that was built in 1955. The first ship to come out of West Germany after World War II, she has had her share of Hollywood fame, including her part as the Spectre yacht in the 1963 Bond flick, From Russia With Love, 1990’s Godzilla, Bay Watch and her appearance in 2009 on an episode of Life After People on the History Channel.

Resident Evil: Siren’s Song  plays on the traditional sci-fi/horror/action/video game feel of the Resident Evil franchise, and is reminiscent of all the aspects you’ve come to love in your zombie flicks

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The promo for the video is now on YouTube and has had nearly 5,000 views to date. It has been officially selected for the Bright Ideas Film Festival 2018 and has several viewings already booked.

The full short is slated to be done summer 2018. Be sure to follow along with the progress, screening dates and zany antics at: and @resirensssong on Instagram

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Pestilently yours,

Jennifer Ravensong



Written by Anthony Villa and Shaun Patrick
Produced by Shaun Patrick of the Sacramento Film Armory, Shane Maus of Fired Boy Films & David Jon Foster
Directed by Reggie Waters of Superhuman Pictures
Assistant Director – Ian Machietto (RIP brother)
Shot and Cut by Justin Dailey of Superhuman Pictures
Production Designer – Shaun Patrick
Gaffer Robert Reimers
Equipment Provided by VideoVets and Cinematic Adventure Club
Location Manager Christopher Wilson


Jill Valentine – Micaela Rubio (Arizzel Cosplay)
Barry Burton – Shaun Patrick
Raccoon City Police – Shane Maus and Nikhil Naidu
Outbreak Scientist – Jennifer Ravensong
Security Officer – David Jon Foster Doctor
Zombie – Joe Arino
Violent Zombie – Grid Margraf Mark Madewell Jr. –
Umbrella Riot Security
Lab Assistant Zombie #1 – Jennifer Ravensong
Lab Assistant zombie #2 – Daisy Martinez
Umbrella Stairwell Security Officer – Sky Montoya Door
Security – Patrick Dervily
Hunk – Thomas Kingston
Behind the Scenes Stills: Oscar Benjamin Stills: Jennifer Ravensong
Stills: Niko Panagopoulos
Video/interviews: Shane Maus Video: Anthony Villa
Stills/promo: Nikhil Naidu

**Updated to Include Missing Cast Member Info.**

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