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Film: “The White Rabbit Project” Is Bringing Grant, Tory & Kari Back Together

That’s right Kari Byron, Grant Imahara and Tory Belleci are joinging together again for a new Netflix show, for now simply known as “The White Rabbit Project.”

Mythbusters fan, Leif Anderson, said he was present at the Dragon Con panel:

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I was in the panel when they announced this. They described it as “Mythbusters in Wonderland”. The subjects they tackle are those that you find when you ‘go down the rabbit hole on the internet.’ Then they showed a hilarious teaser clip of Tory and Kari sitting down for some wine, except Tory is strapped up to a bunch of wires and Kari is attempting to control his arm movements remotely. You can imagine how well it turned out.

For now that is all that is known, but we will update when more information is available.

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The Build Team From MYTHBUSTERS Are Coming Back With a Netflix Show

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