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Food: Amazing Geek Chocolates From The Truffle Cottage

If you love chocolate, or have a geeky chocolate lover in your life and you have not heard of The Truffle Cottage then you are missing out. The Truffle Cottage has some amazing g33ky chocolates that cover a wide variety of fandoms such as: Firefly, Pokemon, Star Wars, Star Trek, The Walking Dead, Both Marvel & DC and more. You can see a few of our favorites below:

Firefly Serenity $ 5.00 This comes in two different styles, regular and reaver style.. One milk chocolate and one dark. Click Here
Dragon Egg $ 45.00 1 egg. Almost a full pound of chocolate in each egg. Crack it open and find yummy chocolate covered almonds with a stunning dragon truffle inside. All edible, and delicious. This dragon egg comes in 3 different flavors ~ White (raspberry truffle) Milk chocolate (mint truffle) and Dark chocolate ( hazelnut truffle) Please specify which you would like. Click Here
D20 Dice $ 10.00 Take your roleplay adventures to the next level with this chocolate hollow D20 dice. Click Here
Pokéball $ 10.00 Finally we’ve got Pokemon inspired chocolate balls that have a selection of different white chocolate Pokémon inside waiting to burst out! It’s surrounded by gourmet white chocolate crunchy beads, edible and delicious! Click Here
Batman $ 10.00 Take along these Batman truffles. They are handy, tasty and are filled with a bordeaux flavor. Click Here
Zombie Body Parts $ 10.00 Each 3″x3″ box contains very detailed Milk Chocolate limbs including; 1 body, 2 arms, 2 legs, the Logo Title & 1 head. Click Here
Death Star $ 10.00 Each box contains 1 large handmade Death Star made of milk or dark chocolate with a few mini chocolate toffee balls inside. Click Here
Joker/Harley Quinn $ 16.00 We’ve duplicated 2 of our favorite villians in looks and in flavor! The Joker is our ‘wild card’ because you don’t know what you are going to get. He could be a blue raspberry or a green apple. His mate, Harley Quinn is his pudding so we’ve made her a vanilla bean pudding flavor. Enjoy! Click Here
Dr Who Survival Pack $ 60.00 We’ve got a combination of your favorite Dr. Who items now combined in our new Dr. Who Survival Box. This box contains a Cookies and Cream Lg. blue Tardis, 2 Cookies and Cream Dalek, a Caramel Pretzel Sonic Screwdriver, 1 Cookies and Cream Weeping Angel and 2 Bordeaux Bowties. Click Here
Star Trek communicator bark $ 10.00 Swiss chocolate Star Trek bark and revel in the flavor of yummy chocolate & toasted almonds Click Here


To order these or check out lots of other amazing g33ky chocolates head over to The Truffle Cottage

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