Food: Delicious Looking Jabba the Hutt hand pies

Take a look at, and learn to make your own amazing Jabba the Hutt hand pies. This wonderful looking treat come from Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin of Pies Are Awesome for May the 4th. She posted the instructions over on BoardPanda, and we just had to share. (Also printable cutouts below if you want to try and make some yourself)

You can view her full instructions and photos here.

Find and make a template (we provide images that can be used below)
Cut out your outline leaving extra room for filling
place first layer, add pie filling
Layer top crust and extras such as arms
Cut out steam vents and glue extras using egg whites
Egg wash them before baking
Bake “15 min at 400 degrees”
Let cool, enjoy

Instructions can be found on the source page

To help any of you that might want to make these yourself we went ahead and made some easy to use cutout templates from a image we found during a Google image search, yes ours is more silly than realistic but you can modify or create your own template and pieces to suit your needs and wants 🙂 just right click on image and save as





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