Food: ‘JUSTICE IS SERVED. BY THE SCOOP.’ With Edy’s and Dreyer’s Super Hero Ice Creams

OMG! I must find some of these, just because haha. Today I learned that Batman ice cream image floating around the net is real haha. Super Hero ice creams from Dreyer’s or Edy’s depending on your location is here and can be found on shelves if you are lucky. The flavors are:

Wonder Woman Golden Lasso Twirl

Superman Krypton Cookie Dough

Batman Dark Knight Brownie Bite


You can learn all about each of the flavors on the website made just for them:

The ice cream is sold in 1.5qts (1.41ltr) tubs.

Not only are there the new ice creams, but also comics to go with them:

four comic books from each flavor to collect containing an exclusive adventure featuring Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman. Collect all 12!



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