Food: Mudder’s Milk/liquid Bread

If you are like me then you loved Firefly, and have always wanted to try some Mudder’s Milk since the first time you saw the episode Jaynestown. Well, you are in luck we adapted our own recipe fromvarious sources and trail and error for you all to enjoy.


Jayne: Mmm. They call it Mudder’s Milk. All the protein, vitamins and carbs of your grandma’s best turkey dinner, plus fifteen percent alcohol.

Wash: It’s horrific!

Simon: Worked for the Egyptians.

Jayne: What’s that?

Simon: The ancient Egyptians, back on Earth-That-Was. It’s not so different from the ancestral form of beer they fed to the slaves who built their pyramids. Liquid bread. Kept them from starving, and knocked them out at night, so they wouldn’t be inclined to insurrection.

Kaylee: Wow, Simon. That’s so… so historical.

Jayne: [to Simon] Tell me, Lil’ Miss Big Words. You see a pyramid sittin’ out there?

Simon: …No.

Jayne: Neither do I. So here, let me pour you a big frosty mug of “shut-the-hell-up”.



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