Crystal Pepsi is Back!

This is not a test! Crystal Pepsi is back! I repeat! This is not a test! Yep! Crystal Pepsi is back! There’s just one catch though. You can only get it via sweepstakes via the Pepsi Pass app.

According to Pepsi;

“Fans can download the Pepsi Pass app and enter the sweepstakes beginning at noon [Eastern Time] on Dec. 10. Winners will be picked and notified the week of December 14th and will receive their Crystal Pepsi for the holidays!”

Word has it that the company will be giving away 13,000 six packs of the sweet clear elixir and fans can enter three times each on the two days of the sweepstakes (December 10th and December 11th). Hopefully you’ll be one of the luck few who scores themselves a six pack! Good luck and may the odds be in your favor.

[Source: Thrillist]

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