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Free Comic Book Day a Blast For All

It’s Free Comic Book Day, that glorious day when comic shops around the country open up their doors and offer an assortment of comics prepared just for this day. Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, and all companies large and small have sent out special issues to be given out, hopefully to get readers drawn in to their stories or the world of comics at large.


STK634618From DC, their big draw is “Future’s End” #0, a prelude to their upcoming event. At some point in the future, Batman and Mr. Terrific create “Brother Eye,” and those who are familiar with the name will know that this doesn’t end well. With all the world’s heroes either dead or turned into Eye’s robotic spider-things (for lack of a better term), it’s up to Terry McGinnis, the Batman of the future, to travel back to the past and prevent this from happening.



STK634545Marvel, on the other hand, is offering a special issue of “Guardians of the Galaxy,” showcasing the characters and introducing Venom (Flash Thompson) to the team. Though it mostly works as anintroduction to the characters, it also shows them in costumes similar to those they’ll be wearing in the upcoming movie.There are also some smaller features near the end, as a prelude to “Thanos: The Infinity Revelation” and “Spider-Verse.” For the younger readers, it’s never too soon to introduce them to Rocket Raccoon, with a cartoonish one-shot featuring Rocket, as well as a comic from the “Ultimate Spider-Man” cartoon.


comics-rocket-raccoon-free-comic-dayFrom companies outside of the main two, we have “Atomic Robo” by Brian Clevinger from Red 5 comics, along with “Bodie Troll” and “Haunted.” Dark Horse has an “Avatar: The Last Airbender” comic to offer, written by Gene Luen Yang, with art by Faith Erin Hicks, featuring Sokka and Suki. In the same comic we also have “Itty Bitty Hellboy,” which is just as the name suggests, and “Juice Squeezers, which is more about giant bugs and less about squeezing juice.

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STK634107Fans of cartoons will enjoy “Kaboom!” featuring one-shots for some Cartoon Network hits such as Regular Show, Adventure Time, and Steven Universe, among other comics. If reinterpreting fairy tales is more your thing, there’s “Grimm Fairy Tales” with a one-shot preview of “Dark Queen.” And if you want to feel a bit more cultured, there’s the Manga Classics interpretation of “Les Miserables.”



FCBD14_COV_GOLD.inddThose are just a few of the comics available during FCBD, but there were many more, including Mega Man, Archie, and even Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. However, what made the day really special was the festivities held at many comic shops.

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Free Comic Book Day draws customers into the shops by the dozens, so the shops have something to give in return. Not only do many hold sales on all their comics, but some also hold costume contests, for the fans who show up in costume, and of those there are many. Even the shops without contests had customers showing up decked out in their superhero finest, while others hired cosplayers to come down for the day to entertain customers as they came.

Cosplayers Jared and Ryan as Jay and Silent Bob

Fans young and old were ready to enjoy Free Comic Book Day, whether to get previews for what’s to come and get introduced to new series, or to just enjoy the company and activities at the shops. Each year it comes on the first Saturday of May, so if you missed it this year, start getting hyped up for the next. If you went this year, I’ll let you get back to reading all the comics you picked up.

Photo by Thymehadder Photograhy
Photo by Thymehadder Photography

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