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Gallery: Anime NYC

Anime NYC


Last weekend I attended the first Anime NYC convention held at the Jacob K. Javitz center. 

Anime NYC: is New York City’s anime convention! A showcase of the best of Japanese pop culture in the biggest city in America, Anime NYC brings anime fans and publishers together for three days of unique exhibits, exclusive screenings, extensive panels, and appearances by some of the biggest creators in Japan. Join us for a celebration of Japanese animation, manga, and cosplay in the heart of NYC!

Anime NYC is a creation of LeftField Media, a boutique event company made up of dedicated fans and experienced convention organizers.

Anime NYC is powered by Crunchyroll and will feature Crunchyroll, Aniplex, Funimation, Kinokuniya Bookstore, Kodansha Comics, Sentai Filmworks, SUNRISE, Tokyo Otaku Mode, Yen Press, Vertical, VIZ Media, and more! -ANIME NYC



This convention was great for artists and fans alike. It featured a range of panelists, exhibitors, and had a fantastic size Artist Alley. There were so many awesome cosplayers in attendance. I had some fun photographing some attendees and got to chat with some talented creators. 


Anime NYC

 Please enjoy this gallery of

photos from Anime NYC 2017!



Series/Creators to check out!


Super excited for the Anime/Hip Hop comic series TEPHLON FUNK created by Stephane Metayer and designed by David Tako. I picked up issues 1-5. The series heavily influenced by NYC and Hip Hop is about a young girl from Queensbridge and pays tribute to the 5 boroughs.



Tephlon Funk!

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I attended a fantastic panel by the NOIR CAESAR team. Noir Caesar features an innovative team of talented creators. Check out their variety of Manga’s on HYPE MANGA HERE.  They are also currently working on releasing an Anime in the near future!

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Till next year! ~GothamGeekGirl~

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