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If you are a fan of X-men, and you all should be, then you will want to check out this new Gambit fan film, PLAY FOR KEEPS, from YouTuber Nick Bateman. The film is about 20 mins long and has appearances from other X-Men characters like Rogue and Magik.


Director – Jensen Noen

Cinematography by Rob Witt

Stunt Coordination by Shahaub Roudbari

Production Design by Eric Hersey

Original Music by Evan Evans

Story by Joe Grayem & Jensen Noen

*DISCLAIMER: This is a fan made project. For nonprofit entertainment purposes only.
This is not an official trailer, teaser or representation of Gambit, X-Men or its affiliates.

Executive Producer
Anna Butkevych
Nika Finch
Pavlo Shylko

Co-Produced by
Joe Grayem
Hayden Bilson
Ellen Hollman

Produced by Sam Malko

Original Music by Evan Evans

Nick Bateman as GAMBIT
Eric Roberts as NICKY LONERO
Ellen Hollman as ROGUE
Adam Senn as ASSASSIN
Anna Butkevych as MAGIK
Gary Kasper as ASHLEY
Pat Lewis as DEALER
Gene Freeman as JABARI
Glen Baggerly as SENATOR JOHNSON


Matthew Wilson Ross – 1st AD
Rob Witt – Cinematographer
Devin Atwood – Tecno Jib
Dennis Ogle – Tecno Jib
Joe Gunawan – 1st AC
Ana Parra Bernal – 2nd AC
Tatsuya – 1st AC
Nicolas Martin – 1st AC
Jack Nitz – 2nd AC
Grant Ellis – PA

Brian “Red” Hickman – Gaffer
Deano Peluso – SLT
Richie Arana – SLT
Adam Flores – Best Boy

Bart Grillet – Best Boy Grip
Able Zarate – Grip
Silvestre Hernandez – Grip
Kacper Skowron – Key Grip

Kyle Jacobsen – Production Sound

Olga Tarnovetska – Make Up

Lee Dimer – Assistant Costume Designer

Cale Shultz – Rigging
Shahaub Roudbari – Stunt Coordinator

Anthony Oh
Armond Rabanal
Matt Shadden
Tim Neff
Yavuz Topuz

Eric Hersey – Production Designer

Tom Belisemo – Special Effects Coordinator
Maggie Sotter – Script Supervisor
Alejandra Avina – PA
Marc Kaplin – PA
Harry Kemp – PA
Cindy Leong – Catering
Alex Cohen – Key PA
Jonathan Navas – PA
Maya Gwynn – PA
Mary McDonnell – PA
Shea Biron – Wardrobe
Ryan Wanat – PA
David Robles – PA
Ricky Lloyd – Medic

Executive Score Producer: Evan Evans
Project Manager: Wesley Dinwiddie
Additional Music: Yves Boisvert, Sean Staples, Luis Monrocle, Christopher Escalante Christian, Fernando Perucchi, Ivan Selak, Ace Vaptsarov
Dallas Crane, Igor Nemirovsky, Alessandro Giovanetto

Keyboards: Synths: Luis Monrocle

Harmonica:Christian Fernando Perucchi Bartosz Bludau

Electric Guitar: Christian Fernando Perucchi

Cello and Brass: Bartosz Bludau

Music Editing & Mixing: Evan Evans

Administration: Mike Breidegam

Editing by Jensen Noen
Assistant editing by Hamed Dadafshar
Hamed Dadafshar – DIT

Visual Effects by Scissor Films
Color by Aleksandr Verholak

Music bed;

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