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Game: Dungeons & Dragons Warriors of Waterdeep Mobile Game Announced

Dungeons & Dragons have teamed up with Wizards of the Coast and Ludia to bring us a new mobile game, Warriors of Waterdeep. The game is set to be a free-to-play RPG. The

Assemble your team of heroes to fight deadly enemies across the Forgotten Realms.

Ludia brand manager/narrative designer for the project, Stephen David Wark said:


“The game follows a plot that runs in parallel with the established 5th edition storylines, but does not cross over directly…Eagle-eyed players will have fun spotting references to familiar settings.”

The game is set in the Forgotten Realms and lets players build/upgrade a small team of heroes to defend the city of Waterdeep. In the game, players choose a character from 12 classes and 9 races. The game has a roster of characters that you might be familiar with such as Shevarith — Human Wizard, Halbenet — Elf Cleric, Tommus — Halfling Fighter, Naomlen — Dwarf Rogue, Saarvin — Dragonborn Ranger, Farideh — Tiefling Warlock and Raika — Half-orc Barbarian.


Some other familiar characters will make appearances in the new game. The Open Lord of Waterdeep, Larael Silverhand gives you your quests and Durnan, Yawning Portal Inn proprietor, runs the in-game shop, while Mirt the Moneylender handles card trades.

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The game is going to be turn-based. In-game combat will be a mix of combat and spells. You will use cards to upgrade their characters. Cards will be available “by either purchasing in card packs or from completing storyline chapters and beating certain bosses.” You will be able merge cards together to create powerful weapons as well as be able to trade duplicate cards for new packs. It is said that “Certain item combos can also be used to create individual and team synergies in combat.”

Characters can have “up to six weapons, 12 different pieces of armor, four class items, and four wondrous items.”

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