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Game: New D&D Supplemental Wants Add “Domestic Magic & Crafting”

A new Kickstarter for an upcoming Dungeons & Dragons supplemental, Witch+Craft, wants to add “crafting and magic for Fifth Edition games.”

Full Kickstarter Description:

Introducing Domestic Magic

Last year, we (your friends at Astrolago Press) brought you a sensational retro-glam look at the Faerie Wilds with Faerie Fire. This year, we’re back with a new take on crafting: WITCH+CRAFT, a book of domestic magic.

Witch+Craft, a beautifully-illustrated supplemental for 5e games, brings a new crafting system to your table. Designed to be fun to use and simple to implement, the domestic magic crafting system can be easily inserted into ongoing games without the need for rerolling characters or reinventing entire campaigns—perfect for the ragtag crew who want to repair an enemy’s shipwrecked boat, the cunning ensemble looking to build themselves an impromptu grappling hook, or the friendly bard wanting to spend their downtime baking a pie for their party. Whether you’re a butcher, a baker, or a candlestick maker, Witch+Craft has you covered.

But that’s not all: this new system also includes trade classes, a new character customization option that goes hand-in-hand with your characters’ pre-existing combat class and background. Trade classes allow you to define what makes your skills unique as you level up and make your mark in the world.

We call this system domestic magic because it emphasizes the miracle of making. Even non-spellcasters can tap into the power of creation, forging beautiful and useful items with their hands and their heart.

This content, and the crafting system we’ve designed, took inspiration from Studio Ghibli films like Kiki’s Delivery Service, where the acts of painting, baking, and inventing have a power as beautiful and unique as Kiki’s witchcraft. While many crafting systems are based around concepts like “stress” or “endurance”, we wanted a crafting system that encouraged rest, self care, inspiration, motivation, and collaboration.

Make something, because the act of making brings you joy.

Witch+Craft, at its base funding goal, will feature over 80 pages of new content, including the domestic magic crafting system; trade class progression and customization options; and appendices for rolling flaws & boons, crafting challenges, and obstacles. In addition, the book will also include a brand new setting resplendent with rich crafting challenges and a full adventure for characters with trade classes, spanning levels 5 to 9 and an entire year’s worth of crafting (mis)adventures.

The physical book will be printed in full colour 8.25″x11” hardcover (guaranteed to look cozy alongside your other 5e books), beautifully illustrated by 25 participating artists, while the digital edition will include DRM-free PDFs in multiple resolutions and mobile and desktop backgrounds featuring art from the book.

But we’ve got big plans: with stretch goals, we’ll be unlocking even more magical additions to the book: new familiars for spellcasters and craftspeople, new magic items, new spells, and over 40 additional artists and illustrations.

Interested in taking it for a spin? Head over to gumroad to download our free playtestdocument and try it out for yourself!




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