Game: Sideshow Is Getting Into Gaming With Court of the Dead: Underworld Rising

Sideshow, best known for their collectibles, is getting into gaming with this new kickstarter for Court of the Dead: Underworld Rising.

The Court of the Dead explores the nature of good and evil and what it means to be stuck in between. Death, who is seen as more of a shepherd than monster, has created his Court of the Dead to help protect humanity’s souls from an ongoing war between Heaven and Hell.

Players of the game will have the opportunity to fight for their afterlife and contribute to Death’s goals as they complete quests, discover rare artifacts, defeat enemies, and forge their own path and legend.

Styled as a 2D side-scrolling RPG, Underworld Rising allows players to craft their avatar based on their faction of choice (Bone, Spirit, and Flesh) and their gender (Male, Female, and Gender-Neutral). From that point, players can accessorize with collectible armor, weapons, and other wearables that they earn by exploring the Underworld.

Players have the opportunity to interact with NPCs in a way not often seen in 2D side-scrollers. Relationships can be forged, with your every action could having consequences. Steal from a shop keeper? Watch out for a bounty on your head. Want to take an NPC out on a date, but they’re already headless? Skip going for tea.

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