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Game: What Happen When Bob Ross Meets Fallout 4? This

The folks over at UpIsNotJump have brought us this fun new Fallout 4 mashup video, where Bob Ross’s The Joy of Painting has been recreated in the video game.

Bob Ross finally has his own video game, it just happens to be within Fallout 4.
The Joy of Painting was a public television show hosted by Bob Ross, the focus was to get people to learn how to paint using short hand techniques. The Joy of Painting is naturally a perfect fit to be turned into a video game given how exciting some episodes could get. As a result I took it upon myself to remake Bob Ross and capture The Style of the Joy of Painting in the Fallout 4 video game.

The Bob Ross Video Game allows you to paint your very own masterpieces using various ‘Tools’ within the Fallout 4 universe. Here you see Bob replace many of his paintbrushes and knives with weapons, Bob Ross uses a very liberal painting technique but as you will see the paintings come out great.

The popularity of the joy of painting led me to remake it in the video game Fallout 4.


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