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GBG Convention blows the doors off

As the Great Basin Geeks convention came to a close, the members of the staff were blown away by the numbers. This free convention in it’s first year attracted 1000 convention goers. The staff was expecting a smaller amount and were glad that the Geeks had come out of their pride for being a geek in the Great Basin.


The group Great Basin Geeks and the driving force behind the convention was founded by Mike Ford and his wife Aislinn Brader Ford. The idea came from a darker point in their life  And as the story goes, when life gives you broken droids, you wash them and fix them. When one of Mike’s birthdays came around and he could not think of any friends, they turned it into the first Geek event of many. As time went on, it grew into Great Basin Geeks. During the last year Mike had an idea to create a free convention to bring more Geeks together. That idea came to fruition this year with the help of a volunteer staff who dedicated their time and effort to making it.



The con was held in a small mall known as the Reno Town Mall in Reno, Nevada. While the con floor was small and rooms for panels were limited. The filled the floor with artists, writers, and geek groups. I’m not talking about the usual Star Trek and Star Wars groups, but also stuff like the Reno Celtic Celebration, Comstock Civil War Reenactors, SCA, And Amtgard.


Even with the small space they managed to hold a couple of panels in the library inside of the mall and inside the round table and even had two stages to keep guests entertained through the day. Rob Mather, the creator of the Wormwood and owner of Spout Comics, was responsible for one of those panels with his take on comic creation to help others who wish to do the same. If you have never read his comic, I would highly suggest picking it up. You can find more info here.

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While there is no set date or location for a second convention for next year, Mike has made it clear to everyone that there will be another convention next year and it will continue to be free.

Keep your eyes on the webpage for the announcement for next year, and if you happen to be in the Reno, Nevada area. Come take a look.

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Have Fun!

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About Scott Fallis

Scott is a photographer and writer from Northern Nevada. His g33k started when he was young with Star Trek: TNG. From there it grew and grew till he was doing conventions and ren faires all over the place.

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